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So I have an array of disorders and can't say for sure whether this is exclusively caused by ME but my sleeping has literally gone to shits. Sleep paralysis occurs pretty much every time I fall asleep. I sleep for 8 hours but never fall asleep at the same time and recently i seem to need a minimum of 3 1 hour naps a day... when I say need I mean I involuntarily fall asleep. After a recent experience I have decided to ask for advice. I went for lunch with a friend having had 8 hours sleep between 2am and 10 am, had a support worker from 11-12 and then travelled to see my friend. Got back to there's by 4 feeling completely wiped took a 2 hour nap then left at 8 to go out usually I would have been able to stay out until 5am but I quite literally fell asleep in the club by 1am. Annoying thing is I felt it coming but I couldn't get my words or thoughts in order so I told security who let me into the back room and I just fell asleep as soon as I sat... I do fall asleep standing up too but luckily I just caught the signs in time... does anyone else experience this? It was horrible to be so far from home with only a few people who know me and suddenly get to this point of tiredness... and it was suddenly. I also get twitchy headaches and my eyes burn much like I feel right now so going to have to stop here... opinions welcome

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I have the opposite I only sleep every other night! I was awake all last night and know it will be the early hours, 48 hours awake from Monday. I am that bad I go from bed to sofa. Luckily my hubby is a diamond and takes good care of me. It might be worth going to see your GPs surgery to check it's all down to ME. I hope you get some answers soon if only to put your mind at rest.x

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To be honest it's super variable for me I've now been awake for approximately 25hours. I'm getting a blood test on Monday for my b12 and iron the doctors are thinking perhaps pernicious anaemia, also been referred to a neurologist because no longer sure if the memory problems can be attributed to fibro fog and fatigue


Glad to hear you have someone having been made homeless by my mum I've been living in temporary accommodations since August, moved 4 times since then and haven't worked and the stress most definitely has made it worse


Could be ME could be Adrenal Fatigue or a host of other things. First stop is to check out the link below:


Should give you enough info to make an educated guess if ME is the problem,

my GP suspected I had it but didn't seem keen to diagnose but put me in the direction of the above document. It was only when I saw a specialist and he diagnosed it was the GP willing to go along with it, but considering how the symptoms of ME are like so many other illnesses I can fully understand the reluctance.

Please keep in mind when you do get to the Dr that many do not understand ME fully so you may not get the answers you are looking for IF its ME that is the problem

I'm so sorry you have been made homeless. I would be lost without my wife's support, I couldn't imagine trying to cope without it. I really hope things improve shortly.

With me I have RLS too so I can be exhausted beyond comprehension and only manage to fall in and out of sleep nit getting anything near a decent night - how in the hell I can be so tired that I can fall asleep talking but lie in bed awake is beyond me!

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