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Getting worse after flu jab

Dear all

Had flu jab on Saturday which probably wasn’t the best time as am sort in a crash anyway. Have to have it for a lung condition ( non cf Bronchiectasis) though.

Know if it effects you it’s meant to be the first 24/48 hours but I feel am getting worse by the day.

Wondered if anyone else has experienced getting worse as time goes on after having it?

Thank you for reading it x

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Hi Winter2013, I had my flu jab this morning and as I walked through the waiting area all I could hear were people coughing and sneezing, so maybe when you got your flu jab you caught a cold from someone whilst there? The flu jab only makes my arm and shoulder ache for a couple of days thanks to the ME and Fibro. Stay well and warm x

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Sorry to hear you're unwell I don't think anyone really knows whether the flu jab is a good idea for ME.

I had the flu jab last year and was unwell for about a month afterwards, I was generally under the weather and felt like I had a mild flu with exhaustion, but it was enough to put me out of action as it doesn't take much to drag me under.

I'm going to have the flu jab tomorrow but don't know if it will impact me. We have two children at home and I expect that I will get the flu anyway, so I see it as unavoidable.

I seem to have a calendar of seasonal events where I'll be unwell for weeks with colds, hayfever, the flu jab, more colds etc. Anything that triggers the immune system is bad news, but unfortunately I can't live in a bubble. What affects a normal person for a few days can go on for months and have more impact.


Thanks for replying Antony!

It sort of makes me feel not so odd knowing it effects you!! Had it a week ago last Saturday, felt awful lying fairly dysfunctional then did abit more on Friday and Saturday now back to square one!

As you say it’s hard to live in a bubble sometimes. It’s my grandsons birthday on Saturday, he’s 3 and haven’t seen him much to illness ( I also have a difficult lung condition where I have to avoid infections and he’s had lots of bugs) so am willi g myself to be up for that... probably not the best plan.

The joys of chronic illness ☹️☹️☹️x


You're welcome.

I think not seeing or being able to spend time with family is the hardest part of this illness, I'm often moved to tears by everyday things when I'm able to take part.

Yesterday, we went to Wembley to see American football which is really important to our son. I got emotional as it was a moment we shared.

We drove and it was 3-4 hours in each direction and I was pushed in a wheelchair. The children are good when it comes to pushing me.

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Ahh thank you Antony. 100% agree and glad you could enjoy Wembley with your children xx

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The ME Association has published some free guidance this year on the flu jab for people with ME: meassociation.org.uk/2018/0...

This maybe useful. Sometimes you have to pay for leaflets but it all appears to be there for free this year. The increased tiredness is definitely something I've had in the past.


Thank you fir that Anthony! I had read it as am now a member if the association.

Am still feeling ill I think from flu jab . But a neighbor mailed she feels ill from it so wonder if this years is having more impact?!

Good luck to you x


A bit of an update from me - I was OK for the first two days after the flu jab but then crashed and spent most of my time in bed each day for a week. I felt the energy drain worst in my legs and just dropped to the floor when trying to get around the house. I've largely recovered from it and I don't think my experience this year was any different to last year. I just need to plan a week's holiday each year for immediately after the flu jab - I work part-time but often have to use holiday for my ME.

However, my relationship with my partner has suffered as she shouted at me for not trying hard enough when I was at my lowest point, it was a lecture I didn't need, I've been off work for a number of months with a virus which I was recovering from prior to the flu jab. I've been trying to do more to help around the house, but I'm crashing again and spending more time in bed and in pain. Nonetheless, I'd still rather suffer what happened, than have the flu. I'm hopeful to get back to work soon.


Sorry to hear all that Anthony’ and good luck going back to work!

The flu jab hit me so hard . Felt ill for 2 weeks then went straight to a nasty throat/ cough virus, then 2 weeks on antibiotics for my lung disease Bronchiectasis ( bit like a non genetic cystic fibrosis). Haven’t had a cough virus or lung infection for sometime . Of course I have to have the flu jab but can’t help but think that it made me vulnerable to the virus and now infection. X


I hope you're doing better, that sounds really nasty. I don't honestly know whether the flu jab makes anyone more vulnerable to other things.

I've had another cold brought home by our children from school and have been spending more time in bed. I seem to be mostly over it now but have limited energy.


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