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Too much reading?

Hi all. I have been suffering some time know with chronic fatigue. I have suffered with RLS my whole life and believed until recently that the fatigue was caused by chronic sleep deprivation and pain caused by the RLS.

I am now 9 weeks off work and doing very little. I have managed via th internet to get certain herbs which are helping with the RLS and allowing some form of escape from the pain and insomnia, (although sleep is still quite poor).

The main symptoms I have been experiencing have been:

*poor concentration

*poor short-term memory

*reduced attention span

* difficulty to plan or organise thoughts

*difficulty finding the right words to say

*sometimes feeling disorientated


*muscular pains

*joint pains



*lowered mood


(taken from:

although I am experiencing psychological disturbances it is on the back of my ill health and I still have the urge/drive to do stuff but cannot muster the energy :( .

It seems any real exertion leaves me wrecked and makes the above worse. I tried to pull my self out of it a bit on Wednesday by doing some work outside but it meant that I was in worse shape on Thursday.

In my reading it points to CFS, (although it could be simple exhaustion but surely that would have resolved with an extended period of rest - what I used to do in my morning off from work is all I manage in a day!).

I haven't mentioned it to the Dr in case I am wrong and stop him looking elsewhere but it seems the GP is not pushing things and taking a wait and see approach - and it is slowly killing me!

Anyone any advice PLEASE and thanks.

ALSO: Have been found to be low in Vitamin D so have commenced supplements, (I know it can cause some similar symptoms), although Dr reckons that everyone in British Isles are deficient due to lack of good sun.

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I suffered from Vit d deficiency like so many people in Britain....but I think it affects people differently. Give the tablets time to work I felt so much better after taking vit d, but it took about 3-6 months. I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and have done for almost 8 years which have all the symptoms you mention. I started taking vit d 3 years ago and while it wasn't a cure to all my problems it certainly helped. Take it easy pace yourself rest when you have to. May be give it a couple of months snd if you are no better go back to your gp. Good luck feeling exhausted makes everything seem worse.


Thanks for the reply. I've given it two months of doing very little, do I really need to leave it a few more!!??


I think you should be starting tofeel better by now. A trip back to the Dr. might be in order ask fo a vit d blood test see if it's raised at all.


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