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Another run in the bag!

Redcello41HUHM v5K

Went for another run early this morning, still sticking to the walk-run method that my physio recommended for me. My knee felt fine for most of the run and then I felt a little niggle and a tiny bit of discomfort in the same area of my knee that stopped me from running all those weeks ago. I felt a bit of a twinge yesterday too but my knee felt fine during my walk down the rather steep hill I live on after my run this morning. Go figure! I'm just going to keep an eye on it I think, strange though... :-)

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AlMorr10 Miles

That's the way to go Redcello41, good advice from your physio, good to know that you enjoyed your run/walk today, 👍😊

Redcello41HUHM v5K in reply to AlMorr

Thanks! :-)


Great! I think you can expect to feel the odd niggle in that knee every now and then, sounds as though you'll keep on top of things though xxx

Redcello41HUHM v5K in reply to roseabi

Thank you! :-)


Good luck RC. All you can do is take it easy and listen carefully. And that's what you're doing. An additional rest day between runs may help for now?

Redcello41HUHM v5K in reply to linda9389

Thanks, yeah that may be a good idea! :-)

cheekychipmunksHUHM v10Mile

Nice one RC, yes wasn’t it a fabulous morning? ☀️

It sounds like you’re in control of your knee now, and with you being sensible like I know you are, I’m sure it’ll be back to full strength before too long. 👏🏃‍♀️😀

Redcello41HUHM v5K in reply to cheekychipmunks

Thanks, yeah that's what I'm hoping too! :-D


Read quite a bit on the whole run-walk approach this week, and seriously thinking it's the way to go for me as I look to increase my long runs this year. What ratios are you using or just going by feel? I was thinking 15/5 as a starting split given I have no injuries but have seen 9/1 mentioned among others. Keep on it good to hear it's working for you.

Redcello41HUHM v5K in reply to Hidden

Sorry for the late reply! I am just doing C25K W3R3 and WK5R1 to see how I go and increase from there! How are your long runs going? :-)

Hidden in reply to Redcello41

Ah well, my running has been a little tempered. French lockdown is still in force so in theory a daily exercise of no more than 1 hour and no more than a kilometre from home. I confess to breaking the 1 kilometre but my legs have insisted I stick to the 1 hour, so I'm waiting for the lifting of our lockdown, now only days away, to unleash the ultra runner that I'm convinced lurks within, the idea being a run/walk approach and slow build-up to a marathon (?) in November.


Nice run RC. Keep listening to your physio! 👍🏼👍🏼

Redcello41HUHM v5K in reply to Decker

Thanks, will do! :-)

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