the good and the bad! (weekend training)

the good and the bad! (weekend training)

Saturday went well! I woke up feeling speedy for the morning's parkrun i told my 10 year old i am feeling speedy lets go for it today (he didnt seem so keen). But with some gentle pushing, promise of cake and food at the finish we made it around in 25.54 which is not a PB for me but he knocked 1minute 30 seconds off his PB so he was really happy with that and thanked me for getting to run faster all the way round. He found out if he breathed instead of talked he actually does better!

Then Sunday i was only due to do a 12km due it being a relaxed week this week so i would just run to the park run around it and run home nice and steady. Got to the park and was like all that looks nice must take a photo, then the first step when running again i had an awful shot of pain in my left knee and i could hardly walk (a few things went through my mind, which i should not repeat on here) sat down for a bit on the cold frosty floor and then got up it was not so bad walking i could feel it and walked with a hobble i tried to do a light jog and the pain instantly returned. So i hobbled home while trying to do some stretches.

I tried to rest my knee as much as possible for the rest of the day and i could start to feel the pain go away. I woke up this morning and it felt fine! so i thought i would go for a quick 2k to see if it hurt while running, and I was fine! couldn't feel it doing slow pace or fast pace!

So i hope i am ok, but it certainly gave me a scare and think i should look after myself a bit better. I am lucky that this wasn't a long run week like i have coming up over the next few weeks so hasnt damaged my training plans. .

PS i have added the photo!

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  • Great photo! Looks really peaceful. That is scary getting a pain like that. Well done for being sensible, resting, and going at it again the next day. Hope all is well and it was a one time thing.

    In other news- got your 10 year old to run with you? Awesome! Great habit to start early on. Well done to him on his PB.

  • Yes it seems good today went for a quick 2k and it felt ok then then a 5k at lunch time to go to the post office has felt fine.

    Yes he loves running, I suggested he does the Brighton Mini Mile the day before the Brighton Marathon so we can all be part of it, but said no way one mile that's nothing i want do the 10k!

  • well done on park run, to you and your lad.... and as for your knee... thats a bit odd??? I hope its better soon?

  • yes the knee is a bit odd but went for a quick 2k this morning and then a nice 5km around the woods to the post office at lunch time (i went the very long route) and felt fine so will do 10k on wednesday and then 20 miles at the weekend. (20 miles is an awful long way)

  • Must be the weekend for injury ! What started as a small niggle at the top of my leg after doing some strength training a week ago (I knew it was a bad idea !), ended up becoming pain after my run on Thursday. I stupidly thought it was ok because I could walk alright - so on Saturday managed 4k before giving up and learning my lesson. I am promising myself I will not try again until Thursday... :-)

    Where's the park ? Is that in Maidstone ? (I used to live in Coxheath for a few years when I was little). Looks lovely !

    Glad to hear the knee is feeling better and hope it's ok for your running plans this week :-)

  • Sorry to hear about your injury's hope its sorted soon just take it easy! it's the first time I have ever had any problems so I guess it was going to hear some point.

    And well done its Mote Park in Maidstine a lovely park.

  • It seems to be *that* point in training when things maybe take a turn - yesterday evening I started getting a really bad sore throat. Went to work today, but no running. Tonight I have made a stinky concoction of garlic, lemon, ginger, turmeric, honey and a little oil and yogurt. Had to kind of force it down 😣 But actually I already feel better! Early night and hopefully tomorrow will be feeling ok again.

    Hope you knee recovers. Looks a lovely place to run.