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First short run after not being able to run for 3 week!

Redcello41HUHM v5K

Went on my first run this morning in a few weeks after my knee playing up, it was so nice to finally get outside and run! I did the first run of week 3 from C25K which was run for 90 secs, walk for 90 secs, run for 3 minutes, walk for 3 minutes x2. So I only ran for 9 minutes total but who cares, I got out for a run and had no pain!

Not the smoothest of runs but at least it was a run - I put my phone the wrong way round in my arm holder so had to work my phone from upside down, I accidentally pulled out my headphones so I had to fumble about with those trying to plug them back into my phone and try and get my music back on too! It was almost as though my body half-forgot how to run as well, I felt a bit rusty and didn't move as well as I usually do before my injury. Anybody else know what I'm talking about? And I have definitely lost a bit of fitness too, I ran up one of my usual hills but I was more out of breath than I usually was hahaha! It was lovely weather though, brilliant sunshine!

My left knee held up though so I am pleased that I finally had a pain-free run, on the road to recovery! So now I have really got to be careful not to push it too far now and just be patient which is easier said than done most of the time! :-D

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IrishprincessHalf Marathon

That’s great news RC! Who cares what length the run is, you’re back out there running 🏃‍♀️🙂

Redcello41HUHM v5K in reply to Irishprincess

Yay! :-)

Yee Ha! 🏃‍♀️well done Red !

The faffage issues made me laugh ...phones and headphones can get a bit rusty too then.😆 something to be aware of!😉

Keep going...short and steady. 🌷xxx

Redcello41HUHM v5K in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Yeah thanks! There was a lot of faffage issues, my second run was a lot better though hahaha! :-)

cheekychipmunksHUHM v10Mile

You’re back, RC, and pain free at that. 👍😀 You’ll soon find you’re back up to fitness, but there’s no hurry. Look after your body and your body will look after your runs. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Redcello41HUHM v5K in reply to cheekychipmunks

So true! :-)

AlMorr10 Miles

Nice to hear from you RC that you are

back running, perhaps your next run could be one of the runs of week 5 of C25K, keep well and safe. 😊 🏃🏾

Redcello41HUHM v5K in reply to AlMorr

That is such a great idea! Will definitely do that! :-)


That made me laugh! How quickly we forget ... so pleased to hear your knee behaved. Just take it easy, keep it short and focus on enjoying it 😊

Redcello41HUHM v5K in reply to linda9389

Yeah it is amazing how quickly we can forget how we do things hahaha! Am just glad to be recovering now :-)

Beachcomber66Half Marathon

Yay, you are runner again rather than IC 👏👏👏👏Take it carefully and just patiently build on his first run. I am giving myself the same advice...tough to take but necessary. Just enjoy what you are doing 😊

Redcello41HUHM v5K in reply to Beachcomber66

Yeah it is hard not to bolt out of the stable like a horse when we are given to the go ahead isn't it?! I being very firm with myself on every run because I don't want to end up with another or worse injury! :-)


Great to hear you are back on the road and remember your physio's advice. Enjoy.

Redcello41HUHM v5K in reply to Hidden

Thanks, and definitely will do! :-)


Oh that’s good news! 😃

Yes, it feels like you have your shoes on the wrong feet You soon get back into your stride. I’m always in a faff with technology ☺️

I’m off out now. Just sipping double espresso post porridge n peanut butter. Oh happy day, oh happy day-ay 🎶🎵🎶🎵😃🏃‍♀️

Take care to gently ease yourself back into your runs. Short and sweet for now 👍

Redcello41HUHM v5K in reply to misswobble

Yeah it's crazy how out of practice we can become isn't it? My second run was a lot smoother though hahaha! Hope you enjoyed your run! :-)

misswobbleMarathon in reply to Redcello41

Good! Glad to hear it x

Redcello41HUHM v5K in reply to misswobble


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