Humber Bridge Half Marathon

Humber Bridge Half Marathon

Ran the Humber Bridge Half Marathon this morning and was once again, really lucky with the weather - not too hot, overcast for much of the race and a very light breeze.

I ran this last year as my first half marathon. This year I was 6 and a half minutes quicker in a time of 1 hr 58 minutes 3 secs. Very pleased with the time as this is quite demanding with several long steady climbs. The photo shows me (yellow singlet, black shorts) at the top of "Cardiac Hill", a one mile climb that everyone dreads. This is our running clubs local half marathon, so is well supported by club member runners, supporters and the local community.

Feet up this afternoon!

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  • Blimey Richard ! You are a machine !

    Massive Congratulations to you , fantastic run and on the back of your Marathon too .

    Well done , that is such an amazing achievement ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy!

  • Well done OG! That's an amazing improvement in time. You deserve to put those feet up after that! Xx

  • Brilliant time well done!

  • Great job! Fantastic time too. 😊

  • Fantastic time, you must be so pleased 😀! Well done!

  • Well done - brilliant time!

  • Well done. Great time and lucky with the weather. Brilliant.

  • You are brilliant! well done Richard, what a great improvement over the year! my super speedy friend :)

  • Many thanks everyone. Looking forward to hearing how everyone else got on!

  • Absolutely! I hope you're feeling ok this morning OG. Well done for completing the job and in a better time than you'd hoped for, not that it matters but it does feel good doesn't it. The conditions sounded just right so that was fortunate.

    I should have a week off OG and give yourself time to recover with some really good healthy eats planned so that your recovery is complete ready for starting the next challenge.

  • Thanks MissW, will take it a bit easier this week, but have a couple of hilly 10k's coming up so will have to do some more hill and speed work.

  • look at you leading the way Old Git you look so comfy running... and WOW I am so inspired at your time... You must be feeling amazing ( I know I would be)... huge well done from me :)

  • Thanks JJ, Only 700 in front of me 😀

  • thats a great time well done, i want to try and get under 2hrs this year.

  • It's a nice feeling Ben! Keep pushing and I'm sure you'll do it.

  • I agree about hill work but I think I am knocking my fast training runs on the head.

  • I like pyramid intervals MissW, don't seem too bad😊

  • My hat is well and truly raised to you, sweetie. That is a sterling effort.

    Love the photo, although it does look like a seriously tough hill. :)

  • Thank you, I was pleased to get to the top I can assure you AM!

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