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⭐⭐ Let us know your virtual events! ⭐⭐


Hi there fellow eventers!

At the moment in the UK the Government is allowing people to run outside once a day, provided we minimise the time spent outside, keep 2 metres apart from other people, and run alone or with one other member of our household.

If you had previously registered for a running event in April, you might be able to sign up to run it virtually - possibly even receive a real medal for it! But whether or not you can do that, we would love to hear about any virtual events you have planned in the comments below - we will do our very best to put out a pom pom cheer for you!!! We can also award you a virtual badge to celebrate the occasion 😊😊😊

We thought it would be fun to make some temporary special badges to commemorate our virtual races at this difficult time. So I would like to introduce...

🏅 Virtual 5K, Virtual 10K, Virtual 10 Miles, Virtual HM, and Virtual Marathon!!!!

Let us know your planned date either here or on our monthly pinned events post.

Please note CAREFULLY the following suggestions for running a virtual race:

- Be sensible. Depending upon your location it may not be safe nor fair on others for you to be spending hours outside at the moment. Consider chunking up your race over a number of days.

- Keep at least 2 metres away from other people

- Run alone or with one person who lives with you

- Record your runs, obviously 😄

- Celebrate when you have completed the distance! 😊😊😊

Check out our COVID-19 guidelines here:


Happy running!

The Marathon Team xxx


Sun, October 4th Linda9389, GTFC, CandyCool London Marathon

Sat, October 10th Decker, 50K solo, supported by friends!

Sun, November 1st SueKen, Coventry Half Marathon

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tiggs1Metric Marathon

On the 18th April I have the Bridgwater Bolt 10k 1610.org.uk/events/bridgwat... and on the 26th I have the 10k stride for life

bridgwatercruk.org.uk/event.... :)

SqkrAdministrator in reply to tiggs1

You get to be first on the list!


I've entered the Beaconsfield 5 mile trail run again this year burnhamjoggers.co.uk/beacon...

It's on Easter Monday, 13th April.

SqkrAdministrator in reply to linda9389



Brighton Marathon, April 19th 😊


p.s. loving those daffodil people!

SqkrAdministrator in reply to roseabi

Look at their happy, springy faces!

sTrongFuseHalf Marathon

Edinburgh Kilomathon kilomathon.com/ Sunday 5 April.

SqkrAdministrator in reply to sTrongFuse

Got it!

jacky-fHalf Marathon

I'm doing the Edinburgh Kilomathon on 5th April followed by the London Marathon on 26th April.

SqkrAdministrator in reply to jacky-f

Oof, a big running month!

TjcpHUHM v10K

Hi! Yes, i'm very excited about running my 6th half marathon in San Sebastián (northern Spain) on April 5th. As it coincides perfectly with my Easter break, I will be able to go for a couple of days to the city where I studied as a university student. mediadonosti.com

SqkrAdministrator in reply to Tjcp

Oh lovely! I bet it's beautiful at that time of year.

TjcpHUHM v10K in reply to Sqkr

Well, it's usually known for being a bit like English weather (cold, windy, rainy) so I'll keep my fingers crossed! :)

SqkrAdministrator in reply to Tjcp

Oh what?! I googled it and fell for all the azure sea pictures 😅 Mind, they have azure seas in Scotland too and it's still flipping baltic so I guess that's me being too quick to presume warmth!

TailChaserHUHM v10Mile

Katnap and I are in the Shakespeare Half Marathon on 26th April (you probably know this, but I’m very excited/terrified so just have to put it out there again!).

SqkrAdministrator in reply to TailChaser

Hey nonny nonny! 😄

TailChaserHUHM v10Mile in reply to Sqkr

“Bid me run, and I will strive with things impossible.” Julius Caesar

Never a truer word!

Ooh I have my first ever event - the 10K Bridges Fun Run in Perth on the 5th April! Provided of course that it isn't cancelled due to coronavirus concerns.....


SqkrAdministrator in reply to motherduckling

Fingers crossed! You're on the list!

SueKen10 Miles

I’ll be doing Coventry HM on 5th April - eek!

SqkrAdministrator in reply to SueKen

Excellent stuff, on the list!

KevtrevHalf Marathon

I have Knutsford 10K on the 19th April 😉👍

SqkrAdministrator in reply to Kevtrev


CandyCoolHalf Marathon

I’m doing the London Marathon. I got a ballot place but I’m running for the MS society...as I have MS. Running 3 days before my 63rd birthday!! Equal parts excited and terrified! 🤪🤞

SqkrAdministrator in reply to CandyCool

Birthday run! Yaaaaay!

RunsomeHalf Marathon

I’m hopefully doing the London Marathon if it doesn’t get cancelled 🤞😊

SqkrAdministrator in reply to Runsome

Fingers AND toes crossed!

TjcpHUHM v10K

Hi! Starting to love virtual runs! I did 3 5k runs in my (very small) house - Confinarun, edpEchaUnCable and Cursa 1 Maig (local run) and then I did a virtual half Madrid RocknRoll outside and finally my first marathon (Ok, I did it over the 6 days allowed), which was ZegamaAizkorri 2020. In real life, the last one was a marathon up and down a mountain so I'm glad I did it at home! :) I have to say that I have never thought about virtual runs before.... not the same atmosphere, excitement etc but when you have been cooped up inside for so long, the excitement and the challenge are still there. I loved it!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that the Valencia Half will go ahead in October, the real thing this time. Oh, and I have had my longest streak ever since we were allowed to run outside on May 2nd, definitely feel like Forrest Gump! :) Today, I reached 170k in one month, happy, happy, happy!!! :) :) :)

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Tjcp

Awesome work!!!!!!

TjcpHUHM v10K in reply to roseabi

Thanks! :)

TrawaHalf Marathon

Hi Folks, any virtual runs that you can recommend in the months ahead? 🤗

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