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My HM plan

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Well it's a sort of "plan" πŸ˜‚

It needs to be loose and flexible but most weeks will be structured as follows:

Monday: Long easy pace continuous solo run

Tuesday: Cross Training

Wednesday: 10k club run easy pace with some stops

Thursday: Cross Training

Friday: 7-8k club run easy pace with some stops

Saturday: parkrun

Sunday: Rest

Monday's run will be duration based rather than distance based. Yesterday I ran for 90 mins and be looking to increase the time every few weeks.

The Wednesday runs are not always 10k (sometimes more, sometimes less) and will probably be run a little quicker as it's a very fast group with me bringing up the rearπŸ˜‚We do stop on these runs but I will keep my watch running through any walks/stops so I can curb my pace obsession πŸ˜‚

Friday is a slower group so I do a lot of running back but again there will be stops.

parkrun will generally be my tempo run but this needs to be flexible. If the weather is bad I hang back with my son to keep him going (he tells me I don't need to but I like to ❀️). Every third week of the month I like to volunteer as a pacer so would likely be running slower than easy pace and I also will be volunteering some weeks so won't be running at all!

After Christmas there is talk of a 15k option on a Wednesday for those training for the HM and I could also run to and from the club runs adding 3k to a Wednesday and 7k to a Friday. Obviously I would not do all of this in one week but it does give me flexibility with how I get the miles in my legs. I intend to keep an eye on my mileage (is kilometerage a thing?!? 🀣) and stay within the 10% rule.

For cross training I will be doing either Kettlebells or the NHS instructorlive Bodyblast workouts. These are 10 min workouts which can be mixed and matched together with a warm up and cool down.

Sounds like a plan?!?

Good luck to everyone attempting this. Looking forward to following your progress 😁

8 Replies
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Sounds like an excellent plan 😊😊😊

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Ripcurlrana71Half Marathon

Great plan. Good luck! X

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MutleyShuffleHalf Marathon

Sounds good, good luck with your plan πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸƒπŸ‘πŸ€—

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David_GHalf Marathon

Sounds like a good plan to me! πŸ‘Good luck with everything. There are quite a few of us taking the step up to HM so I’m sure we’ll all rally round and support each other 😊😊

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Perfect! Good luck :)

ju-ju- profile image

Sounds fab..... and busy too 😎

Good luck Marie - sounds like a great plan! πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

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Hi Pianoteacher That looks good and a busy week. I like the sound of the long easy pace Monday. I try to do a long run early Monday mornings before work myself but I’m time limited. All the best with your plan. I’m feel I’m at a bit of a fork in the road myself, I question why run Long but also why the constant 5k chase. As yet I haven’t come up with the answer. All the best with your HM plan πŸ˜€πŸ‘

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