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The Scotia Waterfront Half Marathon


Was a cold -5 this morn and with no subways running, I got a ride down to the grounds from Mrs Decker. I was able to connect with the other Ninjas in our run group and we quickly went indoors to warm up. We got so comfortable that we almost missed our start times. Trying to get to our corrals was challenging. So many thousands of people! But eventually we got in and were able to focus on our races. We soon split apart and I then just focused on my hoped 5:40 pace. I luckily found the 2hr pace bunny and stuck with him. I passed him around the 16k mark and wound up just squeezing in under 2hrs. Better than I was hoping for as my leg has been bothering me all week so much that I skipped this last weeks short runs. The rest seems to have paid off. The sponsor was Endurance Tap. They make the maple syrup gel that is truly nectar from the gods. I had some tailwind on hand too, that I dug into later on. The crowds were awesome and so supportive. With names on our bibs, people could cheer you by name. We did the same for the marathoners afterwards. Grabbed lunch together later. Apart from a few degrees of warmth it was a great day.

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aliboo70Half Marathon

That sounds great!congratulations Decker another brilliant race for you!😊xxx

DeckerModerator in reply to aliboo70

Thanks Ali. This one was a pleasant surprise. 🙂

SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon

Well you didn’t have to worry about overheating....although dressing for subzero on race day is a challenge isn’t it? Staying warm before the race and not overheating due to overdressing during the race 🙄, at least that has been my challenge on every race I’ve run!

Way to get that sub-2 hour HM! You’ve worked hard for it and achieved it! Whoohoo 👏👏👏

I must find this nectar of the gods you talk of 😋

DeckerModerator in reply to SaskAlliecat

Thanks Sask. At the warm up it was ok because the organizers let us wear throwaway sweatshirts that then went to charity clothing stores. I kept mine on till the gun went off. It was brutal after the race walking around. Even the space blankets they gave were no match for the wind.

The pace was a surprise to me too as I’ve only been able to manage a 5:45 pace in training. But the crowd boost helps I guess.

They deliver! :)

SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon in reply to Decker

Thanks for the link! Apparently our local Sport chek carries it! I’ll have to make a trip this week. My struggle will be to only walk out with that 🙄.

That is such a huge event, I would think the crowd would play a big role. All my races are tiny and isolated so there are only volunteers directing you to make sure you make your turns and it end up lost or at the aid stations but that’s it until the finish line...but I wouldn’t change a thing. That being said, I haven’t finished a race yet where I was completely knackered. I always seem to have way too much gas in the tank afterwards and want to keep running. That’ll be something to work on for next year, I guess.

Congrats again! You should be super proud!

DeckerModerator in reply to SaskAlliecat

Haha thats always the problem with the run shops 😁.

I do like the quieter races too. The last Toronto race was half the size if this one and it felt just about right. My hat was off to the volunteers who braved the cold all morning. I think I had not much left at the end of this one.

Sandraj39Half Marathon

Wow that was a bit chilly, Decker but you ran sub 2 hours! 💪😀 Congratulations on a great run, fab pics and another job well done!🙂👏🏅

DeckerModerator in reply to Sandraj39

Thanks Sandra! Yes, only just below 2🙂. Sore legs today though 😁

FlickM3Half Marathon

Congratulations, lovely report and I have bling envy! I like the sound of the maple syrup gel. i use maple syrup a lot, especially before a run, as I'm vegan so don't do honey xx

DeckerModerator in reply to FlickM3

Thanks Flick. I am a big fan of the Maple gels, though they are too sweet for some folks. Yes the medal is a nice design with one of our ‘red rocket’ streetcars.


Great result Decker, especially in the cold weather! I'm hoping to have a bash at the 2hr barrier next year.

DeckerModerator in reply to Lordi

Thanks Lordi. I was not expecting the faster pace but I am not complaining 😊

Congratulations Decker.

Love that medal, it’s more than bling, it’s awesome!

Well done on the time too you’ve worked hard for that.

DeckerModerator in reply to AnnieW55

Thanks Annie. Yes it is the nicest medal I’ve ever received. Much of the race was on streets that normally run the streetcar shown on the medal. Had to watch we did not trip up on the tracks! 🙂


Well done 👍😃💪🏅🏃‍♂️ Gorgeous medal 😃.

Oooh I don’t envy you on the cold start😬. You did really well though. Congratulations on your quick time 👍😃

I hope you’ve thawed out and are ok today 😃

DeckerModerator in reply to misswobble

Thanks misswobble! Yes all thawed out now! I like cooler runs but that was a bit much especially after we finished before I could get my dry jacket on. Still it could gave been a lot worse.


Well done Roger , 2 hours is just amazing !!

Sounds like a great event and I love the medal . Brilliant stuff ! :-) xxx

DeckerModerator in reply to poppypug

Thanks Pops! The pace was a bit of a pleasant surprise honestly. Yes the medal is my new fave.


Awesome - well done!!!

DeckerModerator in reply to roseabi

Thanks Abi!


What a brilliant run! I can't imagine running in those temps - more specifically I can't imagine hanging around or cooling off in those temps! Superb finish time - hope you're being kind to yourself as you recover 🙂

DeckerModerator in reply to linda9389

Thank you Linda! It was ok at the start as I had an extra layer and during the run was fine. At the end i was shivering before I got my dry jacket. The full marathon folks had it worse, burning through all their calories and being out much longer. Yep taking it easy now 🙂

linda9389Moderator in reply to Decker

brrrrr :)

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