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Wow this stuff works!


You may remember my last post about being wiped out after a long run. Basically no energy for the rest of the day. Today I got my longest run in: 16k. Found it hard, I think after pushing ParkRun for a PB yesterday. As usual, practically comatose after the run despite having a gel (might try 2 next time). Still need another 5k to get to HM distance too! Then I had a glass of this stuff. Wow! Within an hour I felt completely normal. Can’t recommend it enough! Going to take some out on the run next time 💪🏽

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Sandraj39Half Marathon

Well done on your long run and thanks for the reccomendation!🙂

FlickM3Half Marathon

that looks interesting, i must check it out. i've started using Tailwind, and it was a godsend yesterday for my 10k race because of lack of sleep, but I always need something to replenish after - though not so much after the Tailwind.

misswobbleMarathon in reply to FlickM3

I’ve used It. I got some free samples from the cycle race when it swung into town I got loads 😃. Still got some left. It tastes ok too

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