New stuff

New stuff

I brought some new shoes I thought maybe it was about time after doing over a 1000km in my Addidas sequence boost 7's, sweatshop has a sale on so I treated myself to a new shoes some Addidas sequence boost 8's (same as 7's but different colour) and a knee strapping to help my knee. I used my parkrun discount card as well so got 20% off which I thought was for non sale items but means I got my knee strap free!

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  • Oooh lovely! New shoes! You took em for a spin yet? Mind you it is throwing it down so perhaps not.

  • not taken them for a spin yet (i went mention the lovely sunshine we have) will take them out at the weekend trying to get over my knee issues its feeling a lot better so i think a slow trot around parkrun.

  • Lovely shoes! And a discount! Adidas are my personal fave. Happy running!

  • lovely? not sure about the colour scheme but oh well. Yes i loved my last pair and these seem like changed slightly since them the supanova 9's look like a big change so wont be in a hurry to upgrade.

  • They are lovely and will give you a boost too :)

  • Oooh yes ! They're spankers those !! :-) xxx

  • Happy new shoes Ben. Very smart!

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