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Final Great South Run... Bit of an Odd One

LittleNell83Half Marathon

Well, tonight's run could have gone better.

I headed off into the woods behind the sports centre, and up. I hadn't been going long, when I noted a huge bird, but, not quite a bird. I watched this thing, the size of a heron circling above the trees, and, so busy trying to work out what it was, I ran into a branch. Small cut to the face, but no serious damage done, but I decided to head back to the safety of the sports centre. In the end I am inclined to wonder if it wasn't a remote control plane or a drone.

Struggling to settle into a run, I decided to mix it up for a bit. I was doing laps of the cricket field, carrying out ]various interval type run, walk, sprint, punching, high knees,and bottom kicks.

I was up to 3km and swapping tip toe walks and walking on heels when an older gentleman who had been watching me for two laps of the field came and asked what I was doing, as he hadn't seen intervals like it... I explained I was doing various exercises which worked the different leg muscles. He recommended running backwards. I politely explained that, this was unlikely due to poor balance.

Ah well, onto Sunday.

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Ouch! Glad it wasn't more serious. After my run this morning I mentally ticked off ... 'no running injury', whilst also recognising that accidents are still a possibility (like the badger hole my foot stumbled into at work a couple of hours later!).

Sounds like you provided some great entertainment for the general public this evening as well as getting a thorough workout :D

LittleNell83Half Marathon in reply to linda9389

Well, I thought a good leg work out would be good. Mind, when I started C25k there is no way I would have dared do it in public x

linda9389Administrator in reply to LittleNell83

Amazing how c25k helps us grow in so many different ways 🙂

WhatsappHalf Marathon

Good luck for the GSR. Fortunately there are no branches en route LOL!

SqkrHalf Marathon

Sometimes I do wonder about people watching when I run into lampposts and falling down holes and suchlike...but I figure it's good to provide entertainment. I think your run might have been a good watch 😆 Glad you didn't get hurt by the branch!

LittleNell83Half Marathon in reply to Sqkr

Thanks, if its making people smile then all good :)


I hope you’re ok today 😃. It’s difficult sometimes as you need eyes in the back of your head even on the trail. Slipping on confers and stuff is an ever-present danger at the mo 😬

I don’t think I could run backwards 🙂. I walk backwards though - as part of my cool-down stretching. Slowly walking backward and making sure my feet roll through the gait cycle from toe to heel. It stretches the backs of the legs calves etc.

LittleNell83Half Marathon in reply to misswobble

Think that's the same as walking on your heels. Lots of unusual ways to stretch it seems x

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