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This is where it happens- Share all your run gossip right here... weekly chitty chat 1st to the 6th of October


Hello everybody and welcome to OCTOBER!! So as the days get shorter and the mornings get crisper lets share our run gossip and news here.

I had some gorgeous runs in the woods at the weekend, and they have re-energised me so I am ready for this week!

Sometimes we don't feel like putting a whole post up but just want to share something small, so this is a great place for doing that during the week. Please join in the discussion :)

If you're new or a lurker this is a great place to say a little hi without the pressure of a full post.

Have a great week, and enjoy your runs :)

Ju-Ju, Roseabi, and Sqkr


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Morning Ju 🙂😋

I did a 24 km run yesters on trail and road. Bit cooler which is a boon Got to do a 5k today so donning rucksack to do a bit of shopping as well 😀

Training going ok despite my recent face plant. Still got one hand in bandages but it doesn’t stop me running Can’t go to the gym yet though or do any yoga 🙄

Have a good week folks 😀

ju-ju-Marathon in reply to misswobble

well done Mrs, you are hardcore... I do hope you heal up quickly, take care and have a great week :)


Heyup, Ju!

I haven't been feeling like it, and I missed my long Friday run, boo! Stupid French lurgy 😒

Still, I managed to drag myself out for a refreshing 12K yesterday, felt better for it, if tired 😊

Less than 4 weeks til marathon time!!!

Have a good week folks xxx

misswobbleMarathon in reply to roseabi

Exciting times 😀. My half is in hour weeks. My body is battered though. I came home yesters with a blood blister on my right foot and my left big toe nail has 3/4 come off so it’s now got a vertical hinge 😫

I need to see if I can get it sorted 😤

roseabiAdministrator in reply to misswobble


ju-ju-Marathon in reply to misswobble

yikes that sounds awful Miss W you poor thing...

Hidden in reply to misswobble

Oh ouchy miss wobble! That makes me cringe and curl my toes up!

ju-ju-Marathon in reply to roseabi

gosh its not long now... well done on the 12k and i hope that French lurgy takes itself back on the next ferry!!!!

roseabiAdministrator in reply to ju-ju-

Thank you 😊

WhatsappHalf Marathon in reply to roseabi

Stood at the "soon to be" start line yesterday outside Bedes school and looked up the hill. Respect to you and all the runners!!

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Whatsapp

Thank you! That hill is crazy in both directions 😁

TbaeMetric Marathon

Hi Julia,

That is just so true and the reality.👍

No such thing as a free lunch, as some say🤔,

But with the magic of running and it’s golden thread and the forum I say who needs lunch, but it’s right you need application and determination and oh my days, the rewards.☄️

Glad to hear you are good,🏃‍♀️🐆👑

Good healing and good running

💥🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️💥 to all.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Tbae

Thank you! xxx

I need lunch, and it's only 11:24...

ju-ju-Marathon in reply to roseabi

I am eyeing up my quavers, i am famished!!!

TbaeMetric Marathon in reply to roseabi


I forgot all women of steel need an early lunch.🙈👏👏


roseabiAdministrator in reply to Tbae

Multiple lunches 😁

TbaeMetric Marathon in reply to roseabi


Oh my days.

Such a lot to understand and learn.

Those that are turbo charged need to be properly fuelled.

You women of steel cannot help that you function only with feel like it days.

It’s who you all are, amazing.

No lunch mind you on any days that you do not feel like it.

Only fair and consistant.🤔🙈😂😂


ju-ju-Marathon in reply to roseabi

At least 6 or 7 a day ;)


The weather is turning which is good for running! well, it just means I go running instead of looking at my poor lonely bike begging me to him out like a lost puppy. (which i did on Friday instead of going for a long run).

Then on Saturday I did parkrun my first time with a dog only had him trip one person up who happened to be the husband of the regional parkrun. But it is quite hard running with a dog at least the dog managed it quite well. (we are dog sitting for our neighbours). I should also say that its been quite good because he has been going out for runs every day (only short 3k)

So i need to actually start training and thinking about how i am going to get under 2hrs for a half for the speed test. This will lead me into good shape to start my Marathon training in January proper.

ju-ju-Marathon in reply to benwill

Parkrun sounds great fun with doggy!!!


I have been little absent lately but busy! I had a lovely new forest 10k a few weeks ago and I finally see the attraction of trails, beautiful. Might try the hm next year. I have been busy getting the miles in for gsr, leading a run group 10 mile last weekend. This week was a cut back week of 15 slower miles rather than 20ish per week. That included pacing at parkrun for the first time. Admittedly my pacing is a bit sporadic with long slow runs and faster shorter runs at the moment. There was only the 32min left and I came in just after 31mins so slightly quick, oops. Guess I won't try that again! Finally yesterday was a charity colour run with my 9yr old, such a blast! We were sneezing rainbows by the end lol. Today was supposed to be my solo 10 mile run to gauge my own pace but I have my daughter's head cold 🤧 I am going to try a short 3 miles to tick over and postpone my long run until Thursday or next Monday. Totally gutted.

ju-ju-Marathon in reply to Hidden

I hope you feel better soon, but sneezing rainbows sounds rather fun!!

Hidden in reply to ju-ju-

It was huge fun doing the colour run! The colour gets everywhere but at least is fully washable! Just glad it didn't rain. I am feeling better today and have done a 10 mile run in 1hour 44min. That makes me feel better knowing I have covered my last long training run for GSR.

HoagyMHalf Marathon

Hi ju-ju/everyone - a week of consolidation for me, flushed with the success of last week, which saw (deep breath)...

my second 10k race...

my first ever 10 mile run...

and reaching my 100k target for Sept!

...pause for lots of whoops... 😉😊

So this week is about just taking it steady while getting back on track on my HM training programme. So some shorter faster runs, a bit more yoga, nothing too onerous.

ju-ju-Marathon in reply to HoagyM

good plan, and wow lots going on for you...


After my marathon I've only run 15km in the last 3 weeks, so all is nicely mended now. Not planning any mega distances in the near future just going to do the 5k PB Challenge, a 10k and a longer run each week. I did some forest trail running last week which was fun so I may start looking for more trails to follow. Also going to walk/hike a 30km loop each week to keep my hiking feet in condition.

MacmacMarathon in reply to Lordi

That sounds great - quite a volume that, with the 30km hike too! 🙂

LordiMarathon in reply to Macmac

The trans-Iberian sirens are calling once more, so I have half an idea to walk/ the Camino de Santiago again (did Pamplona to Leon in June). Need to keep my feet leathery!

ju-ju-Marathon in reply to Lordi

OOOOh trails, love em...enjoy

SqkrHalf Marathon

I had a fab run on Sunday, it completely exorcised my horrid GNR experience! It was pleasantly busy but not seething, brilliantly organised and I didn't see anyone collapse, just a bunch of cheerful runners blasting their way through the city. I felt strong right through and smiled just about the whole way round. It was a poignant run as well as a really enjoyable one, but I'll do a proper write up as soon as I can! In other news, work is mad busy so I'm not sure I'll get out to do a challenge run till the weekend, and I bought a robot hoover. That last bit isn't relevant to running but I'm delighted with him so telling everyone I can think of 🤖

ju-ju-Marathon in reply to Sqkr

a robot hoover? does that mean that when you get home everything is clean and tea is on the table?

SqkrHalf Marathon in reply to ju-ju-

Theoretically...but I've not hoover-proofed the house yet, so usually it means I've been getting phone notifications all day saying 'Werner Dusthog (that's his name, he's German) needs your attention', and I get in to find he's tried to eat the curtain and got stuck. So there are a few teething problems. Once we iron those out I'm sure he'll start preparing our dinner too 😂

ju-ju-Marathon in reply to Sqkr

oh my goodness next thing will be you get a notification saying, 'Werner Dusthog has eaten your dinner and spent all your money on drugs, booze and women,'!!

SqkrHalf Marathon in reply to ju-ju-

I wouldn't begrudge him a rock n roll long as he does the hoovering too 😁

MutleyShuffleHalf Marathon

Hi JuJu, I am new to this forum, only discovered it recently. I have run one 10k race which was awesome (if hilly!) and I'm consolidating 10k for the moment, with a few 10k races planned. I have half an eye on the Hastings Half Marathon next March but shhhh... don't tell anyone! 😊

ju-ju-Marathon in reply to MutleyShuffle

exciting stuff, and great to see you here...

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