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Please feel free to share your runs here and chat about how it's all going,

Sometimes we don't feel like putting a whole post up but just want to share something small, so this is a great place for doing that during the week.

If youre a lurker it is a great place to say a little hi without the pressure of a full post.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week,

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  • I had such a busy weekend!

    Friday day - went for a long run it was terrible, ran out of energy and terrible and was 5km off my planned run not good for my final long run before a marathon!

    Friday night - got very drunk

    Saturday - Couldn't even get up for parkrun

    Sunday - I volunteered for my running club annual race the Maidstone Half Marathon and was in baggage, which was great (we didnt lose any bags) but great to see how people prepare and the nervous faces of people. Then the beaming joy when they come back with a big medal having completed what is quite a hilly course.

    Plans for this week - take it easy try and build up a bit of pace, a bit of swim and maybe try and get out on my bike.

    But I would suggest to anyone go volunteer at a local race you will see a different happier side. it's different to volunteering at parkrun.

  • Nice one! Friday, tsk :) I got very drunk in Tenerife one night, I ALMOST went teetotal afterwards...

    That volunteering sounds great! I think I will give that a go.

    Have a good week!

  • you got very drunk? and I thought you were like the angel of the group!

    Definitely, give volunteering a go, I am trying to get some babysitters so i can volunteer for london marathon next year as i didn't get in.

  • Me? No way :D I really didn't drink any alcohol for two days afterwards though, that's unheard of on holiday!

    Sorry to hear about your missing out on London - hope I see you there in a high viz though :)

    Yes, I must have a look at volunteering, love doing parkrun and there's loads of races all year round here...

  • I am fine with missing out on London I am doing Brighton and that's far better right?

    Still considering doing a Half IM next july.

  • Brighton Marathon is the best!

    Oooh, a half ironman?? Do it!!! :D

  • I'm glad you had a good time volunteering. I'd like to try it next year. So far the family and I have done some volunteering at our Parkrun, and have enjoyed it.

  • Thanks Ju and rfc!

    I'm back from Tenerife, where I resisted the urge to go for a run (it did look lovely!), so I've had a good break.

    I needed one, because I've been hit with the reality of my 2018 race schedule!

    April 15: Brighton Marathon

    April 22: London Marathon

    May 26: London 2 Brighton 100k

    (September 16: Brighton & Hove Triathlon. Not really thinking about that one at the moment!)

    Eek! :O

    I've also been facing up to the fact that my right hamstring is a little iffy (has been since I was trying to speed up my 5k during the summer). So I'm going for a sports massage on Friday, hoping to get some ideas from her, and my plan for the next few months includes a lot of strength work - Romanian deadlifts, skwaaaaats etc. I'm actually going to try out a windsurfing circuit training plan I found, which looks good for strength all over, and also agility, with lots of skipping :D All good news for the hips and hamstrings anyway (and the windsurfing I hope!). Will do a bit of swimming and biking also, when I can fit them in :)

    I'm still on the 2 runs per week MyAsics marathon plan (*edit* but cutting the speed for now), but after the Beachy Head 10k on October 28th I'll be giving hills a miss for a while, until Hammy's feeling stronger.

    Phew! Gotta be hardcore to be hardcore, I suppose. Wish me luck!!??

  • Do you need to be doing a marathon plan?

    and er good luck!

  • Thanks :)

    I want to keep my legs moving and build up my distances gradually. I started training for Brighton in mid-November last year, which worked pretty well, I've just started a bit earlier this time because I'm conscious of the looming ultramarathon :D

  • Ohh I see guess that's a plan, after Beachy I plan on doing a bit of focusing on speed and seeing if I can get a new parkrun PB.

    then Christmas it's all endurance training for Brighton and Maybe a half IM. (worried about the swimming)

  • Would the swim be in a lake or the sea?

  • in a lake a 1.2mile/1.9km swim but the cut off time is 1hr 10minutes so it's more the speed I am sure I could train to do that distance. osbevents.com/events/triath...

  • That looks so fun! Am tempted :)

    You swim drills with a club, don't you? You should be fine if you keep that up. Do you swim in the sea sometimes? I don't know, but i reckon that lake swimming would seem much easier by comparison!

  • haha do it too :) yea i do swim drills i need to get in a pool and work how long it takes me to do 1km at the moment and then i can go from there.

    I will be entering leeds caste tri (http://triathlon.leeds-castle.com/home) as its 10 minutes from my home and been planning to do it for ages. But will enter when i get paid.

  • The 56 mile bike ride is the bit that scares me!

    Leeds Castle tri looks lovely, and round the corner from you is excellent! What bothers me about doing a triathlon in a different town is travelling with the bike - my car's a Mazda MX5 :D

  • hmmm errrr sounds like you need a new car!

  • Or maybe bike to Norfolk?

    Kidding :D

  • hire a large campervan you can drive that with all your gear your have somewhere nice to sleep and cook me dinner!

  • Ha :D

  • Wow, what a race schedule. I don't normally believe in tortune tellers, but I forecast very sore legs around late April and late May :)

    good luck Rose. You're gonna need it ;-)

  • Thanks Tomas! :)

  • I should have answered you on my mobile, then I could use the "Scream" emoji. Wow! On the other hand, I think you train enough for this to be doable.

  • Thank you 3PO!!

    I think it's doable, although from now til the end of May I will be paranoid about getting injured :D

  • blimey you are so HARDCORE I am in awe!!!!!

  • Thank you :) I'm mostly just feeling nervous!

  • I don't think you could do that little lot carrying a hangover πŸ˜ƒ

    I think drink and training are poor bedfellows. It was a bit of a bender that saw me quit the sauce forever πŸ™„ shakes head. I think the penny drops when you reach a certain age and saturation level 😊

    Your programme sounds very ambitious but that's good. Busy busy, and mixing things up sounds like such fun. Have you seen the ads for the bournemouth pier to pier swim? Tempting πŸ˜ƒ Ark at me. As if you haven't got enough on your plate. Your marathons in close proximity is very scary 😱

    I'm still'plodding on with training for this weekends half marathon. Going steady. I ran yesterday with a bit of a fun run but my ankle feels a bit painful. I did a long run the day before and my ankle feels like concrete. It's becoming a bit too regular for my liking πŸ™„ I have entered a short fell race and then it's the biggy, a birthday marathon. So just putting in the training runs as per plan, doing the work, ticking off the runs and counting down on my calendar

    Got some races lined up for next year. Can't enter any more yet as I lost my credit card. Perhaps that was a sign 😁

  • Ooh, look after that ankle! Good luck with the training - lol about the credit card :D

    I am looking forward to trying out those circuits - I have to do things like pull-ups, so I will totally fail at first, but I'm hoping I'll be able to do a few by the end of the plan. As for the two marathons, I plan to just take them easy and soak up the atmosphere, and they'll be good training for the ultra! I must be nuts :)

    Thanks for the heads-up about the Bournemouth swim, I am interested...

  • British heart foundation I think. BHF has linked up with WW, and on our weekly recipe cum news card we are getting the heads up on their sporting events

  • Yeah I found it :) I'm even feeling not too daunted about the fundraising aspect!

  • I had a second lactate threshold test on Friday last week. The numbers had shifted in the right direction since the first test. So I'm quite keen on getting out there and increasing the workload a wee bit :)

  • Good news! Do you have to have another test? I'm sorry, I must have missed your original post (if you did indeed post) and hadn't realised you'd had to back off a bit, so it must be good to be able to increase again. Happy running :)

  • Sorry Anniemurph, I should have explained myself better. I haven't been backing off, but the test showed that my body probably won't mind if I train a little harder. So I shall be doing that.

  • Congratulations! Where do you take a test like that?

  • At the sports science department of a nearby university (Hull). I'm actually quite thrilled by the understanding of my fitness (or lack of same) that it is giving me, and very pleased with the progress I think I've been able to make since the first test. I've got a race at the end of the month which will hopefully give some hard facts, and I look forward to jotting it all down after that :)

  • I have entered two more HMs. Who is this woman and will someone please stop her? However, they are 6 and 12 months away so for the next few weeks I am going to go the other way completely and concentrate on pace, because the longer runs made me even slower than I was to start with. And that was slow.

  • Well.... there is that frustrating thing that if we spend all our time running slowly, our bodies react by getting really efficient at running slowly :)

  • I'm not sure I'm terribly efficient at running at any pace, Tomas ! :D The HM was a learning experience, and I think I probably need to get a bit more technical before the next one. But I'm not going to agonise too much over any of it. I have a virtual 5k in mid-November so it would be nice to do that in under 40 minutes for a change :D

  • Sorry, I'm not going to stop you :)

  • Ha! :D

  • I agree with you Murph. Slow running for longer distances does us in πŸ˜ƒ We are flops when it comes to putting a little heat under it 😁 I've gained weight too! πŸ™„ Fast fives daunt me, or rather the idea of them does πŸ˜•

  • Fast fives make me feel sick!

  • Hang on a mo, Wobble. When I say 'fast', what I'm after is a 5k in under 38 minutes :D :D :D And yes, weight gain :( I did the event and then buggered off to Paris for the week - eating out all day every day didn't help :(

    The funny thing is that Strava gave me a trophy thingy for my last 5k at the Tissington HM - yes, that's right, the last 5k :D It thought that was the fastest I'd done that segment since I'd registered it as a segment. Now that's odd. I know I piled the pressure on a bit and it's downhill but really...?

    Anyway, new goal for 11th November virtual 5k. And then there will be cake :)

  • Me too! The b@*%_{+?s πŸ˜ƒ Lactic wotsit prolly πŸ™„

  • Morning all :-)

    Well, after the 'bad idea' post a couple of weeks back and doing the Great Eastern HM with very little training (remember me, the dozy wagon??!!) it seems I've been entered for the Cambridge HM in March! Thanks darling hubby, what a LOVELY surprise!

    To be fair, he had said that with all the difficulties family health wise from July that scuppered the training plan, plus it might be good to be training for something over winter when I can't moan about the summer heat either (I know, what heat?!), that a Spring event could be the way forward so that I can tackle next year's Great Eastern with a bit of ammunition up my sleeve for a third time lucky attempt so here it is and off we go! How's that for positive forward thinking?

    Still recovering slightly from my efforts on the 8th as couldn't walk for 3 days with the most hideous sciatica that came from nowhere, plus nursing a very large blister on the underside of my heel but the plans are being laid so watch this space as I embark on some proper training again!

    Have a good week everyone :-)

  • Well......there’s a C25K team in the making for the Cambridge half........you, me, AncientMum and Curlygurly2 .......and someone I know from work....although she’s a lot younger than me..... and some mates from parkrun.........are all in!

    Hey, hey hey......here we go.....πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘


  • I think marathon training and long runs have slowed me down too! I've completed one of goals for the year - completing a marathon - but the other goal - a sub 50 10k is eluding me. I've come very close, but not quite as close as last year. I've still got a chance in a 10k race in December but with a hm the week before it might be a tall order. Some winter speedwork is in order in think!

  • I think marathon training has mostly been good for my speed actually, but then I'm generally a turtle. After last week's recovery time, I went out for a long run this morning. I wasn't convinced that I was in any shape to do it, but figured that even at a slow pace, it would be good for me. My goal, if possible, was to make this my furthest run this season, and I achieved it - by a measly 20 m! Oh well.

    Anyway, I hope this means I'm back into the swing of things. My last race of the season (apart from my winter marathon) is a 10K on Sunday. The forecast isn't looking good, but I hope I can push myself a bit.

  • Ha, well done! It all counts :)

    I found I got 5k and 10k pbs after marathon training, but I also found I preferred the longer slower runs - I wonder if such a preference has anything to do with people finding themselves slower?

    Have fun on Sunday!

  • Have been horribly lazy since my HM at the end of September, but it's back to it this week with a new plan - I've entered the Cambridge Half at the beginning of March so I need to start focusing again. Bring it on! :D

  • Started to taper before my HM on 29th. Now I've been doing 3 runs a week on the my asics plan - how come in my almost 2 taper weeks I'm supposed to be doing 4 πŸ˜‚ (OK "only" up to 8k but still 4)

  • That's odd!

    Good luck with the hm :)

  • Thank you. Don't tell my asics but I'm only doing 3 runs this week πŸ˜‰

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