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Work Work Work!


I have just finished 6 x 13 hr nightshifts and have been awake for over 29 hrs today. My Asics half marathon plan started on Wednesday but could not make it due to my shifts so was hoping to do my first ever park run tomorrow to start the plan. At the moment though I doubt it will happen but you never know. Even though I am exhausted, I’m getting twitchy as not been for run for over a week now , I will definitely start my training tomorrow, I have until October so plenty of time 😁😁😁😁

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There is plenty of time! All work and no play is not fun. Rest up and see how you feel. I hope to parkrun tomorrow but will see how I feel after my run on Thursday, don't want to overdo it 😁

Ajs07 in reply to Hidden

Plenty of time and I have got up to 10k so halfway there already . Will see how I feel in the morning x

ancientrunnerHalf Marathon

Loads of time. Week of nights is such a killer, I'm so grateful not to do them anymore. Have often thought how hard it would be to fit in running around them. Hope you adjust back quickly and if you get out tomorrow enjoy it.

Ajs07 in reply to ancientrunner

Thanks, I don’t think I will do the park run in the morning but will definitely do a 5 k run at some point tomorrow x


Sleep is your priority by the sound of it 🙂 try to have a lie-in

Night shifts are a killer and really knock the stuffing out of you. Rest sounds like the priority now, and you'll make up over time.

My ASICS plan started a couple of weeks back and although I have been running, I've been doing what my schedule allows, not what is suggested, and so I am not really sure where it'll all lead... but we will see eventually. My HM, IF I decide to do it (it's quite a big IF) is 23 September.

I woke early this morning, very unusual for me so decided that my body made the decision for me 😂 went on my first ever park run. Not my best by any means but at least I did it 😁

Hidden in reply to Ajs07

Well done on your first parkrun! I always feel bleary eyed at the start but so much better at the finish. Rest up and enjoy those endorphins.


Gosh I used to do nights shifts and it’s sooooo hard and really takes its toll. I hope you catch up on your sleep soon.....

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