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10 miler

Hi there running comrades

I am not quite sure where to put myself! (forum wise) I am training for the Richmond 10 mile(16k) race in May, so am definitely not in the Marathon category! I graduated c25k 8 months ago, run 10K regularly and have just crept past 13k on my long run. I know nothing about sustaining myself through these longer runs or even if it’s necessary at this stage. Do I need to take water? (I dont usually bother while I’m running). And what’s all this about jelly babies and sports gels?? If it isn’t needed at this stage, when is it?

Any advice gratefully received 😁

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Heyup! You are most welcome here.

Food and water is an individual thing. If you don't need anything on your runs that's fine! I see that the Richmond 10 miler has several drinks stations, I reckon if you're thinking of using them it might be an idea to practice a couple of times during training - perhaps you could hide a bottle somewhere on your route if you don't fancy carrying it? Up to you though. I like to have a drink with me if I'm going further than 12k or so. Jelly babies are nice and portable, and good for giving a little boost on the way. You will often find them readily available from spectators at races :) Gels and other food I would personally not think of bringing until running distances further than a half marathon, but again, everyone's different!


Thanks roseabi

A little practice drinking on the go is a good idea and it’s good to know I don’t have to face the gel/snack quandary quite yet!

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Hello 👋

Ten miler! Oooh how exciting 😃. My first race was a ten mile

In May it can be quite hot so it might be an idea to carry some water. My race was in July with three water stops but it wasn’t enough. Fortunately another runner gave me some of hers 😃

I’d have porridge or,whatever your breakfast of choice is two hours before (assuming it’s in the mornin) and take a snack to eat mid race. There may be some laid on though but I wouldn’t take it for granted

You will have to try various snacks and see what suits. It’s fun finding out 😋

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There you go, Cazzer60, everyone's different :)

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Thanks misswobble

Hot and sunny... can’t remember what that’s like!

Come prepared with water and snack is sound advice. And yes it’s terribly exciting!!

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