The Crazy muddy pondy Abominable Snowman is done! !!

The Crazy muddy pondy Abominable Snowman is done! !!

Sat here in my PJs still but the weather is brightening up so may be venturing out shortly! Enjoying the rest as yesterday was my last stint to complete my 100 miles in December and what better way than a memorable cross country hilly muddy race! The last 2 years I have opted to do the 10k version but due to the medal challenge the best way to boost my miles was to enter the 10mile version!!

We arrived at the venue getting our car a bit stuck whilst parking and hoping we could get it out at the end! It's high up at cheverton farm, a venue used year round for mountain biking! Lots there, biggest entry so far of around 400 runners! The wind was creeping up and it was a bit misty but no rain 😊 after a bit we were off! The samba band was playing and the atmosphere was great. I was lucky that my friend Julie an experienced marathoner and general running machine had offered to run with me which was much appreciated, Paul is working away now and Boz just too fast!

Steep downhills quite early on, off camber too which was hard going loads of people were really struggling in the mud some didn't have trail shoes but all were in good spirits!!

Bit of respite at the top as off to Brightstone forest and then back up round! Discovered that we headed back past the start line and the 10k runners who were waiting to start... soon they were off and the faster ones flying past in a blur!! Saw Boz so we jumped up and down and waved , he was heading back to the next section ! lots of ups and downs and the arrival of the 1st pond!! Went for it, right through the middle very silty and cold just up to top of legs ! Nothing like the feeling of soaked through lycra and smelly silt! we saw some run club friends in fancy dress, last year they were the Beegees, this year two old ladies with sticks, skirts ,cardigans and beads! They looked so good in their lipstick and we both got a hug from these guys who are just hilarious! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†

Steep slippery downhill and then an uphill that was like skating , must have been a confusing sight for the sheep looking on! Back past the start again and cheering supporters and on to the next section, through a deep puddle and on to the main event of the renouned "Massive Pond" in homage to the Godshill Massive offroad running group (we were wearing our purple shirts as part of the purple army! ! ) Cos it had been extra rainy it was super deep full of reeds silt and mud came up beyond my waist this time and nearly came a cropper on a bit lump of something in the middle. Hopefully we'll have some great photos from that later on as 3 photographers there! 😊

Steep downhill now into a flatter track, and some new trails as the course has been changed this year! Saw some brave kids doing brilliantly they were only 10 or so seemed to be loving it!! We were seeing lots of people we knew and everyone was cheery if starting to get a bit exhausted!!

One of the new bits was crazily steep!we got to the bottom to see another friend flying down it, she couldn't stop!!! 😊

Last few fields now and back to the route we knew, not too far to go! Our friend Fay caught up with us so we did the last section with her though lost her on the big hill nicknamed "The Eliminator" it's a hand a and knees scramble! Julie was already at the top and scrambled back down and helped me up the last stretch! We stopped at the top for a sec and there were out fancy dress "ladies" scrambling up with their stick and covered in mid pretty much from head to foot! ! So funny! !

Last little bit and end in sight!Saw my dad who had popped up to cheer us on! We were back !! bedraggled and wet but happy and earnt out medals! The course was a bit long too so my total scraped in at 100.64 miles for Dec (i had calculated it well!) And 864 for year πŸ˜†

Warm drink and awards ceremony then off to Bozs parents for the loveliest hot shower soup, omelette and chips! It tasted so good! Moving time around 2.21 , his was 40 mins quicker! Results not up yet but the 1st finishers were coming in just as we got the halfway point!!!

Walkies time now as there is a break in the weather. Think the cold that is doing the rounds may be heading my way so for me mostly a lazy day.

Happy New year to you all and on to more adventures next year!😊

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  • Happy Running New Year Ali :)

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR lovely John!!! keep us posted of your progress, xx i'm off out into the wild weather now while the rain has stopped a bit! :)

  • Well that sounds a killer, well done Ali and happy new year to Boz, Paul and yourself. πŸ‘

  • thanks Frank and to you too! :)

  • That's amazing, Alison! I'll take ice over a massive pond at any time. I'm impressed.

  • Come and give it a try Cristina! :)

  • Sounds like quite the muddy memorable adventure. What a great way to reach your 100mile goal this month! Whoohoo πŸ‘βœ‹οΈπŸ˜

  • thanks, yes it was something special is a wet muddy way! :)

  • Oh goodness Ali - I so admire your enthusiasm and grit, ankle deep mud at parkrun yesterday was enough for me. Well done on the 100miles. Happy New Year. xx

  • thanks Linda! i reckon you'd enjoy it! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :)

  • Only I'm not very tall and think I'd be in up to my neck!! The photos's are great.

    Happy New Year.

  • Happy New Year! !! 😊🏊🏊🏊

  • Ha ha, that sounds completely nuts πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ The icy cold water! Shudder 😁.

    Well done Ali. Rather you than me matey. Fun way to round off the year 😁

    The Massive Pond sounds a bit Father Ted 😁

  • oooh it was cold, and they gave us an extra one this year! but it is a good laugh too! :) slip sliding away...... tra la la! :)

  • Wow! Sounds an amazing race, well done! πŸ˜„

  • Thanks Sue it was certainly one to remember!!! 😊

  • That sounds like pure hell! You're a nutter!

    Happy New Year x

  • oh hello UIOLI!!! :) How are you???? as an ex islander i reckon you should come check it out!!!! :)

  • IC at the moment due to lurgy. I think attempting a run like that would finish me off for sure! Mightily impressed at yourcgumption though!

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