Finally got 17 done

Finally got 17 done

It has been quite cold here the last few days - or the opposite slushy and sloppy - so an indoor shorter run was what I did last. Well the weather finally cooperated and we got another blanket of snow last night. It was just right this morn for a run - the snow was light and powdery so it was easy to run through and this time I stayed away from the unplowed hydro corridor and stuck to my trusty cemetery route which is always plowed and salted - so no need for the cleats today. Went at a slower pace and took a couple of walk breaks at 8k and 15k, each around 30 sec each, to chomp on a frozen energy bar and catch my breath a bit. This approach really worked because I managed to get 17 in without feeling totally burned out and could have gone a bit further if work wasn't calling me home again. I've always tried to run the full distances, but it seems on the longer stretches that the walk-break strategy is really effective. Live and learn.

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  • Whoohoo! Glad the weather cooperated and you were able to accomplish the 17k goal today. It probably felt good to get back to your trusted cemetery route? I'm planning on a 13k on Sunday and given the forecast high is -14, I'm going to try and wear my fuel belt under my jacket and use the Tailwind solution and hope it doesn't freeze 🤞. This means I'll have no choice but to stop to drink on a regular interval which will probably be a good thing.

    You're one step closer to reaching your HM goal 👍

  • Ever so slowly we are getting there. It did feel better on the route I know. Also way less wind down there. Good luck with your 13k on Sunday though I am sure you wont need it. -14 is def buff-zone weather. Maybe a touch of alcohol in the tailwind?, just to stop it from freezing of course 😇

  • Haha of course 😉. We're having our Christmas tomorrow morning and my plan is to stay in PJ's, drinking coffee and Amarula all morning progressing to Disaronno by the afternoon so I'm sure my blood won't freeze Sunday. I might need the electrolytes in the Tailwind for recovery from more than my run though, if I'm not careful 😆

  • Sounds wonderful. Happy Christmas 🎄! Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow Sask. Good plan on managing your blood alc levels tomorrow too 👍🏼😄

  • Brilliant !!!!

    Really Well done Roger, the HM is in the bag :-) xxx

  • Thank you Poppy. 😀 Feels like there is much to do to really get used to these distances, but it will likely sort itself out with time.

  • Fantastic running! When I did the 16k o didn't stop and was shattered at the end. Maybe a few short walks won't harm, besides the water stops on the hm will be an excuse to walk and slurp! Well done decker!

  • Thanks RFD, yes that was me doing 16 too. It was much harder. The little breaks made such a big difference today. And my legs feel quite good hours later which is also different from the last long full run

  • Excellent work, well done!

    You made me think of this song from my youth, hope you don't hate The Smiths 😊

  • Haha, thank you, I remember that one 😁!

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