My first 14.5 k

Hello, this is my first progress report here in the marathon community. The myasics program has now moved into some longer runs so today was my longest run yet at 14.5 km. My longest before this was 11.5km, so it was a bit daunting. But I figured it wouldn’t be so bad as these were to be slower runs between 7:30 and 8 min/km. Slower than the 7k runs I’ve been doing all week. So I set my pace alarm accordingly. The first three km were a little painful, then the legs felt better. My hands were feeling like ice though. My gloves just weren’t meant for late November in Canada I guess 😊. I wasn't really feeling it today and I almost convinced myself to stop around 5 times, but kept going and the last 3k were killers as it was getting dark and colder, but I did it. Its a short distance compared with what most people here are doing I know, but for me it was a long, cold run. Got home, stretched and grabbed a scalding hot shower. Felt much better and am feeling good now too. Not too sore. Still cannot believe I was on the couch in April of this year! So thankful to have found so many experienced, generous runners on these boards. I’ve learned so much just reading other’s posts.

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  • Well done on achieving that distance! Maybe get some warmer gloves?!

    Following a plan is a great idea especially when you are training for a new distance. Keep going!

  • Thank you! Yes I think i might get some warm mitts. 😊 My hands are the only part of me that really gets cold. So far I am liking the Asics plan!

  • Well done decker. My hm plan hasn't got to that distance yet so you must be a couple of weeks ahead of me. I know my 10 mile plan did ramp up to 13k runs then 14.5k followed by the dreaded 16k. That last one was tough and my legs wanted to stop several times. I am hoping that I will ease into this hm plan better. My main issue is working out routes for the longer distances, carrying water and fuelling. Its a big learning curve! Hope your legs dont feel too stiff.

  • Thank you RFD, yes if I think about it, the distance was ok on my legs at the slower pace. Most of the resistance was in my head and because of the cold. I had no route for this so I did my usual shorter cemetery route a couple of times and jumped across the street and did the other half of the cemetery, then back again. I ran most of the way home too because I didn’t want to walk too far on the cool-down in the cold, so the 14.5 hit just down the street from home 🙂 I don’t bring any fuel or water with me but maybe on the longer runs that would be a good idea. Was glad I brought tissues though as my nose was constantly running! 😀

  • Wow 14.5k! Good job! You're turning into a running beast! Are you going to run one of Running Room's Hypothermic Half's this year? I've thought about Regina's but not sure if I can achieve that distance by then (and what willFebruary in Regina be like 😬. I think they get less wind than we do in the southwest but more snow)

  • Thanks Sask, I’m not making any solid plans yet, but I kind of have my eye on the Goodlife Toronto run which I think is in May and goes straight down Yonge street and starts 5min from my home and ends right before Lake Ontario. I don’t think I would fare too well in a winter HM, as I seem to be built for warmer climes😁 Think I will have to retire the pro gloves till the spring!

  • You might surprise yourself! I'm quite enjoying the cold weather runs. The snow challenges you differently though, tires the legs and works the hips a little differently. A May HM would be more enjoyable though, especially so close to home!

    Definitely time to retire your sexy pro gloves until Spring 🤣. Better cover those fingers. I wear a thin pair of fleece gloves and they work great. My fingers are cold for the first 5-10 minutes but warm up quickly. If I wear anything warmer on my hands I end up having to remove them mid run. With the many times I have to wash my hands with harsh soap throughout a work day, Idon't need to make my hands any more chapped 😬.

  • Haha yes, maybe. One day at a time, right? I am looking forward to snow runs. I bought the spikes from Costco last week too 😁. Yep pro gloves are done and chunky mitts are in. Maybe a pair where the finger part has the velcro flap so I can quickly set the watch up. Your hands must be super-resistant with all those Saskatchewan winters!

  • Haha, they're a mess with Saskatchewan winters! I'm glad I've been married a long time and don't have to think about pretty wedding hand pictures 😆. We do a lot of outdoor activities where I'm always having to peel off mitts to tighten ski and snowmobile helmet straps, snowshoe straps, mess with zippers or kids mitts so they're likely a little more resistant than some. The spikes will take a bit of getting used to. I didn't use mine yesterday because 2/3of the path was clear and running with them on cleared pavement is loud and annoying. Try them on a shorter run first.

  • Thanks for the advice! We will see if we get enough snow to even break them out. :)

  • 14.5K is long in the cold. Even here in Norway, they generally recommend sticking to shorter distances on the chillier days. When the temperature drops below -5, I wear lined mittens. They're not really intended for sports, but they do the trick.

    I'll be interested to hear how you're doing as I'm going to have to work on my longer distances during the winter as well.

  • It did feel long. Your weather, I imagine, might be similar to ours. Yes, maybe shorter outdoor runs when it drops below -5. That makes sense. I am new to running in the cold. My mistake was also setting out in the late afternoon as it got much colder when the sun went down. Some kind of mittens are definitely on my shopping list now.

  • I thought I'd also mention that I wear a wool layer on top and on bottom during the cold runs. Otherwise my internal thermometer gets really out of whack. When I get back, I take a bath. I'm not really a tub person, but it helps heat me up again.

  • I was thinking about merino tops and liners, but wool makes my skin itch a lot. I used a pair of base leggings under my track pants and that worked really well. I had 3 layers up top. A wick tee, a thin base layer long sleeve and a fleece over that and it was comfortable too. My hands had fingerless gloves which got very cold. I only take an epson soak if I am really sore, otherwise a hot shower does me fine.

  • We had a few weeks of pretty cold weather at the beginning of this year, with the coldest being -13C. I only wore light gloves and kept my layers to a minimum too. But I was only doing shorter runs at the time. I think anything over 10k in real cold would need some planning!

  • Yes I’ve never been the best planner, so I’m learning by trial and error. -13 seems very cold! I’d be in the indoor track that day I think🙂

  • Well done - that's a great distance. It makes 10k "easily" doable (you know you can do it which makes it more fun, usually) and is a good springboard for longer runs, so they have some of the fear taken out of them.

    I winced at your scalding shower though. I could just see me coming in from the cold and doing that and getting hotaches😮. I just remember having them really bad as a child and have dreaded getting them ever since. Winter coming so need to be brave as I know they are in the not too distant future.

  • Thanks Annie, yes it felt like a breakthrough distance towards those longer runs. And 10 seems like more of a regular thing now. 🙂

    I’ve not heard of hot aches before. The hot shower was weird in that my hands were so cold I couldn’t get a read on the water temp until I jumped in. Then it felt too cold and i made it much hotter. My wrists were bright red when I finished. They’ve since gone back to normal with using some cream I picked up at one if the races and getting some sleep.

  • Glad you didn't scald yourself! Who said running was simple and easy?😂. There can be so much more to it along with its knock-on effects 😀

    Hot aches were part of my childhood pre-central heating days (I have a loong memory). Come in after school/playing in winter sit by the fire and toast yourself to get warm. As the blood came back to fingers and toes, my did that hurt. Still get them now as I do like to hang out my laundry, even in winter, and use the drier only when I have to. This means very cold hands that can hurt as the blood comes back and fingers heat up.

  • Ah ok, I see, I do remember well the pain of my limbs thawing out after coming in from hours of building snow forts in soggy snowsuits! I think my hands felt like that yesterday🙂

  • Fantastic, Decker , well done!

  • Thank you Annie!

  • Well done you, that's really good to read. I'm doing a half Marathon next year, and my runs are now getting a bit longer, the next one will be 12 KM. I have done this distance a couple of times but not for ages as I've been injured and unwell, so my confidence is flagging a little. If you can do 14.5, than I can do 12 - thank you very much!

  • Thank you Curly. Glad I’m not the only one at these shorter distances right now 😊

    Yes if I can do this, then you can do 12 for sure. And then onwards, right? 😀 The next really long run in this program is 17.5, that’s the one I was really worried about, but now I’m thinking “hey its only 3k past what I’ve done once” so it feels more possible.

  • I look forward to reading about your progress!

  • Same here Curly!

  • Are you on GC? Or Strava? Smashrun? Yup, I got 'em all...

  • I just got onto Garmin Connect. My name on there is Roger Heale in Toronto, Canada if you want to connect. I am quite new to GC, so not totally sure I have it setup right for connecting with others :)

  • Found you! Sent a request...I'm Sarah Hart xx

  • I see you now Sarah! We are connected now I think :)

  • Wow and wow and triple wow...GO YOU!!!


    Get warmer gloves :) x

  • Thank you Floss. You and many others have inspired me to continue beyond points I never thought remotely possible when this first began. And yes I am looking for warm gloves now too 😁

  • Well done. Don’t worry about speed. Just concentrate on steadily chewing up the distances, sensibly and carefully. If you go steady you won’t hurt yourself

    It’s great to see how you’re progressing 😃👍. I just got new gloves which are windproof on the backs and are reflective. They are gorgeous too 😃 they kept my hands lovely and warm. I took them off later on in yesterday’s race but not til nearer the end frostbite is real in your neck of the woods so cover the extremities 🙂👍

    Remember to take walking breaks as you need to. They can mean the difference between finishing and not 🙂

    Good job 😃👍🏃‍♂️

  • Thank you kindly Miss W. I am trying to take it easy. The Garmin pace alerts are wonderful and kept me in the slow safe zone to do the distance for this one. Thank you for all your advice to date too. It has been invaluable. I am really looking forward to your own race report! Hope you smashed it this weekend! 💪👊💥🏆

  • Could will sap your energy and make everything feel even harder than it otherwise was. But you got through this, including the col and including the longer-than-ever distance. So big congratulations Decker well done you!

  • Thanks Tomas. Yes this kind of cold running is totally new to me so it was a lesson learned. But its one more smaller “hard thing” done, mentally. 🙂

  • Can I connect with you please as well Decker ?

    I am poppypug on GC :-) xxx

  • Sure poppy. I will look you up now 😊

  • Thanks Decker :-) xxx

    I have found you :-)

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