Mental and physical progress

I've just come back from another good long run, 21.3K, so just past the HM mark. I even matched my pace from last year's Oslo HM. This is particularly pleasing, because I'm still running that extra hilly route I've mentioned before, so barring another cold or other problems, things are looking good for Royal Parks, which is fairly flat. I walked a lot less on the ascent this time too. The ascent is in about 6 km in the final section of the run, but the first 3 km are the worst of it.

I wasn't really in the mood for this run, so I had to constantly argue with myself, but it worked. I even managed to push myself during the last km, when my app told me my pace was 7:00/km - I was determined to get below that and I did.

Like others in the group, I think I'm entering that phase of my training where I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the long runs still ahead. So I'm glad that I won't be doing any more long runs for another 12 days.

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  • Things are looking very good indeed!

  • Well done you, both for completing and for pushing the pace at the end.

    I think sometimes the mental effort is almost the hardest bit about endurance running, and it can certainly be hard to get motivated to yet another multi-hour run if you're not really feeling the love. Self discipline only works for a limited time. Hope you find the excitement again.

  • Well done.... you are doing so well. The long runs are mentally tough but as you tick them off you can have confidence in the knowledge you are properly preparing 😎

  • Thanks for the replies so far! Even though I still think I'm being fairly sensible, giving myself a long time to get ready for London, with my Christmas marathon coming first, there's a bit of mental work that needs to be done there as well.

  • Yay! Way to go C3PO! Punches air with fist. It's tough but it's got to be done. Another one ticked off. Yessssssssssss!

    walk quite a bit on my uphills bits but I'm not bothered. As long as I get up the buggers that's what matters. Don't get worried about the long ones coming up. Don't think about them, just do them as if on auto pilot. You'll find all sorts to think about while you're out there. I run to music which helps no end and is a bit of fun too. I have a cough and snotty nose again! Funnily enough though while I've been running I've been just fine. I was coughing a lung up last night. Bah!

    You'll be fine mentally! You have it in you do nail this stuff. I think we all have. It's there somewhere but we might have to rummage a bit to find it.

    Hang in there! We're here too, plugging away. You're not alone. Yeeeeeha!

  • Woohoo.

  • Thinking about a long run is sometimes the most difficult bit! Like others have said it's more of a mental battle than a physical one. I've found breaking a long run into segments to 'tick off' mentally during the run helps.

  • Well done - sounds like you are doing just fine, that's a tough uphill stretch.

  • Not long now for your Royal Parks Cristina! it'll be a great race to do! Sounds like your training is going really well! Might see you at parkrun again if you're on the IOW later on :)

  • Oooh, I didn't realise you were training for a full marathon! Wow, you are tough. Three of my friends just did Berlin last week and I have seen the amount of training they have put into that! I am in awe that you can just go out and run a HM on your own. Amazing!

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