Help needed! Groin injury ! How can I speed up recovery

Hey all, I don't post very often but I did the bridge to 10k , have been running about a year now and have completed several 10k's , however i strained to get under an hour on my latest 10k race clock time ( which I did 59:59) by leaping over the line and seemed to have a groin sprain. Has anyone got any tips as resting is driving me insane but I know I have to do it! Also got a 10mile on 8th oct that I need to get fit for but don't want to make injury worse, had it a week now and seems worse than at beginning , any advice gratefully received!

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  • There are some stretches for this that help. A hot water bottle seems to work too. I had a bit of groin earlier in the year, the stretches helped I think but it seemed to disappear after a 10k race, oddly. I wouldn't exactly recommend that but it might offer some encouragement that the 10 miler isn't out of the question!

  • Thanks for your advice I will try the hot water bottle!

  • I had a groin injury earlier this year but kept running because I was training for my first half marathon. And it just didn't go away! During my runs, I would feel some tiredness in my groin, but after cooling down it would be really painful. Luckily I was going on vacation to a place so hot that running was out of the question and I got two weeks of complete rest. The pain disappeared and my times actually improved as a result. I think rest is your only answer, but I'm no pro.

  • Well I'm on holiday so I think I'll try it although it's killing me not to run x

  • Oh, I know, I know!

  • How is it going, jaxter?

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