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Please feel free to share your runs here and chat about how it's all going,

Sometimes we don't feel like putting a whole post up but just want to share something small, so this is a great place for doing that during the week.

If youre a lurker it is a great place to say a little hi without the pressure of a full post.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week,

Juju and Realfoodieclub

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  • Did my longest run ever yesterday! Legs are a bit sore today but otherwise grand. Lord this marathon training takes up a lot of time.

    29.00 km




    6:29 min/km

    Avg Pace

    187 m

    Elev Gain

    1,330 Calories!

  • Yeeeeha! πŸ˜ƒπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘βœ”οΈ Well done πŸ™‚

    Is hard work innit πŸ™„

    Good to have another one ticked off

  • It is indeed - Dublin is creeping up fast. It feels like there is a psychological hump between 16 and 18! At 16 you are telling yourself "I still have 10 miles to go". Glad to have ticked off this distance and feel more confident that I will go the full distance now!

  • Wow that's a huge distance at that pace... seriously impressed!! :-)

  • Thank you. My husband was trailing along behind me because he only wanted to do 16!!!!! :)

  • woo hoo that is fantastic, well done :)

  • Thanks Ju-Ju - getting there. Half marathon next week and then upping the distance again before we start "tapering"!

  • Well done. What an amazing pace!

  • Thank you. :)

  • Hi Juju and realfoodieclub. Been a while since I visited so I thought I'd say hello. Xx

  • Hello, good to see you... I hope you are well etc :)


  • Marathon training getting hard! I ran out of oomph last week due to faulty refuelling.

    Got to sort water and eats transportation out properly πŸ°πŸ’§

    Done a 28k. Next up 32k run πŸ™„ My Garmin is up the creek too.

    These things annoy like hell when you're already up to your knees in alligators 🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊😁

  • time for new Garmin??

  • 32k? Me too!!!!! I find I get really thirsty in the last 4 or 5 miles. Also get quite nauseous when I have finished running!

  • In the interests of research i stood in our corner shop this afto comparing carbs in the various Haribo offerings. Choose starmix and tangfantastics over the gold bears! You heard it here first!😊 The shopkeeper was giving me some right funny looks πŸ˜›

    Yeah new Garmin reqd. It aint gonna happen though 🎻

  • Lol I had a small pack of the kids Haribo tangtastics today during my run and boy are they hard to chew! I may look at jelly babies or jelly beans for easier consumption!

  • Mmmm Tangfastics

  • :(

  • The starmix are easy to eat. I stash em in my cheeks like a hamster 🐱

  • Maybe that is my error by chewing the tangtastics rather than storing them in my cheeks lol.

  • My training is still going well. I had to skip a session on Sunday, though. I thought I was so smart on Saturday. I came home from a family event with a stuffed belly and decided to catch up on the short session I had to drop on Friday. Since I was so full and it was early evening, I didn't eat afterwards, and ended up feeling really ill.

    Anyway, I'm back to normal, and have shuffled my schedule around to make way for Saturday's big race. Ju-ju - could you put the Oslo Marathon (HM) on the calendar for Saturday? I'm really hoping I can improve on last year's time, but I'm not daring enough to hope for too much of an improvement.

    Oh, and my Royal Parks T-shirt and info arrived yesterday!

  • Wow, it's all go! Have fun on Saturday :)

  • will do, is that a half marathon or full? I'm not sure which you meant?

  • I'm running the half-marathon distance of the Oslo Marathon. The Oslo Marathon will organize 4 races at the weekend. 3K on Friday evening (my kids are running), and 10K, half-marathon and the full marathon on Saturday. And some crazy people run the Oslo Triple - all three distances on Saturday.

  • wow... that sounds hardcore.. I will add it on now :)

  • Training has been going fine, loving my swimming at the moment - I feel strong in the water finally! My running is still a bit meh, but I did my first 10K in a while last week, and I'm starting to look at marathon training plans again :) Had a couple of fab windsurfing sessions too. The winds have been pretty gnarly over the past few days (although given the news from Florida I can hardly grumble), but I'm cautiously optimistic about the weather for the big day...

    Triathlon on Sunday :D I'm 597, seems like a good number :)

  • I'm looking forward to reading your report! It sounds like you're ready for it.

  • I'm ready like Freddy! Well, I'm just going to try and have fun and see what happens :)

  • I'm in the last stage of training for the Metric Marathon in Chester next month. Feeling hard work now and not much chance to run in the week so Hoping some HIIT sessions at home will keep me going. Buoyed up by my first hm in pouring rain at Lake Vyrnwy on Sunday in 2.02.58 - surprised myself there. 15 miles coming up at the weekend seems a big stretch though!

  • Wow! Go you Wiggle! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

    Good luck for your race Roseabi! I hope you get calm conditions! Fingers crossed 🀞

  • I've just run the Great North Run HM last weekend with virtually no training. Life (and arthritis) kind of got in the way - my only run over 12K since February was the HM I ran 6 days before to prove I could still run one... (I know, I know - that's not how you are supposed to do it).

    The bad news was: Mo Farah beat me for the 3rd year running :(

    The good news was: the time gap between him and me has reduced from than last year - perhaps he's done even less training. I've got faster and he's got slower. :)

    The bad news is: if I continue to reduce the lead he has at the same rate as I did this year, I'll be over 200 before I beat him :(

    I've therefore resolved:

    1) to do a little more training for 2018 than this year. I've therefore declared the club run I did last night as "2018 GNR Training Run #1"

    2) to visit this board somewhat more frequently so I can have other's efforts inspire me

    3) not to look happy on the run in future. In all the photos I've seen of me this year I appear to be smiling. This has led others to accuse me of not really trying. My argument that there is little difference between my smile face and my grimace face doesn't seem to be holding water.

    4) not to stop and stand to attention for the National Anthem when I'm less than 400m from the finish line next year (they were doing the winners' presentations just as I was hitting the finishing straight). Instinct just kicked in when I heard that intro music on the tannoy. If I run faster next year I suppose I could be across the finish line before the presentations start. Alternatively, I could hope that next year the race is won by a non-Brit so I won't recognise the music...

  • That race report could have carried a full post, Adam.

    It sounds like you are in really good running shape despite the lack of training. You're reducing Mo's lead and you're enjoying it at the same time. Well done.

    Arthritis sounds like a real pain. What do you do to cope when you can't run?

  • When I can't run, I go away and sulk...

    What I try and do is to keep some fitness up with nordic walking, cycling, going for walks or even swimming. Basically, I have to cross-train, using another sport which exercises the joints in a different way.

    I would like to go out and run every day. I know if I do that, however, the knee issues will flare up (which means that I end up having to go down stairs on my backside). Consequently, I tend to run 2 or 3 times a week at the most, and keep the distances down. I will cross-train to keep up my 5 active sessions a week. At least I'm still moving (and someone is making a fortune out of me selling me ibuprophen gel).

  • I totally understand the sulking! But you are dealing very well with it - finding alternatives and staying in shape!

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