9.7K and feeling ok

So after my last post I'm going for the half marathon, my recuperation plan was a 5K and 10K run before making a decision, based on my run last night and a visit to the physio I'm pretty much good to go.

Due to my long training runs being hampered by my injury and the run next Saturday I'm planning a 15K run and then a 5K run to give my legs a break.

Time is not the issue I just want to finish my first half marathon!

Thanks for your support and advise :)

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  • I hope it goes off all right. The injury is a worry but if you don't overdo things between now and then hopefully it will go ok on the day. Race day is usually about taking everything in, having a good look round, new route so it's all interesting stuff and diverts thoughts away from the actual running. If you go steady, and walk when you need to, then you should be ok. If you do sufficient training that's all you can do and trust to luck on the day

    Bon Voyage!

  • I don't have any advice, but want to wish you good luck.

  • I did my first half marathon with an injury, although it was to my knee not my foot. I took walk and stretch breaks, and enjoyed myself immensely :)

    Good luck and have fun!

  • Good luck! You still have a couple of weeks so hopefully if you take it fairly easily you will be fine on the day.

  • Good luck! I'm sure you'll be fine. My first half-marathon is the weekend after yours and I did my first 10 mile run last Sunday. The last 2 miles were a painful shuffle as my ankles were killing me, but I've bought some ankle supports and I'm going to give it another go this weekend and see how it goes. Plus do some ankle-strengthening exercises. If we both take it easy I'm sure we'll both be fine 😀

  • Yes, I'm nervous and excited. I'll keep you posted and let me know how you got on. 👍

  • I think I'm more petrified :-)

    But yes, I'll keep you posted, and I look forward to hearing from you.

  • That sounds like a good plan 😎

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