It's here!

It's here!

I received the magazine with my article today.

I can't summarize it all today, but my section seems to be called "The different runner", and the title is "The road to the back of the pack". The editors wanted me to try to be funny and not be afraid to make fun of Norwegians. The gist is how someone like me, who kept being defeated by the Norwegian weather, and generally fears walking on the icy roads that dominate winter in Oslo, eventually managed to teach myself to run. And how it took four years of consistent running before I felt I could call myself a runner.

My next article will probably be about how we slower runners are treated at different races. How it varies from races like the St. George's, where all the marshals cheer enthusiastically for every single runner, to races like the Oslo Marathon 10K, where they start clearing the drinks stations before the back of the pack have passed.

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  • That's great having an article written about your experiences although I think I would have the same issue running with such winter weather! Keep up the running and the articles. I am not sure I would fancy a run where they were clearing up before I had passed slowly by, what a sad thing to do. That sounds like an enlightening article to the organisers.

  • This is so fantastic, what a great theme for an article too.... you are famous!! 😀

  • 👏👏👏👏👏 Yes! I read Norwegian. Do you have a link to the article?

  • They haven't published it online yet, so I only have it as a PDF. I couldn't see any way of uploading it. Anybody know if it's possible?

    Like the new nick!

  • Thats great! Good to bring a new viewpoint to the runners over there and well done to you for all your hard work! Excellent! Bet the IWRR would like to read of you and your St George's experiences too :)

  • That's brilliant! Well done :) I like your viewpoint as well. I think I remember you saying that you wanted to write from the point of view of the 'normal' runner, not the super-fast elite types that run HMs in just over an hour; well, you will really encourage people. Great stuff!

  • I missed this! How cool!!!

  • Bra jobba!!!

    (also lived and worked in Norway... sadly before I found my running legs)

  • Tusen takk, alle sammen!

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