How many long runs?

A question for anyone that's finished a many long runs did you do before the marathon and what was the longest distance? I've got a marathon in late September. I've done 18, 19 and 20 mile runs so far. I'm planning a 22 mile run about 3 weeks before the race and then tapering gradually but I'm not sure how many more 18+ milers before then. I seem to have benefitted from the long runs but don't want to overdo it!!

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  • I did an Asics plan with 3 runs per week over 23 weeks, with each week generally having a 5k jog, an 8 or 12k fast run, and a long run. There was a rest from long runs every third week during the distance-building phase of the plan, just running 12k at a comfortable pace. The long run distances went from 16k to 20k, 24k, 28k, peaking at 32k (which is 20 miles) .

    The schedule of long runs for the final 9 weeks was 24k, 24k, 12k, 28k, 12k, 32k, (then into the taper period) 16k, 12k, 8k. The plan specified pace as well as distance for each run. I found myself well prepared for my marathon on this plan, although I suspect that four runs per week would have been even better :)

  • Thanks for this. I've only loosely been following a training plan. I'll definitely build in a couple of lower mileage weeks.

  • Which one are you doing? I am signed up fo Dublin at the end of October.

  • Nottingham. There's a HM and a full marathon.

    Good luck for Dublin!

  • Mine is a month after yours so should be cooler although a lot of people were caught out last year by a warm day in Dublin at the end of October - quite unexpected!

  • Most of my races so this year seem to fallen on hot days so I won't be surprised if it's boiling hot!!

  • I progressed 1- 2 miles at a time on my first marathon from 14 miles upwards to 22 with rest weeks too as the long runs really take it out of you....good luck and enjoy your training

  • if you got that distance already then I would say you're a bit ahead of schedule. I did my last run of about 22 miles 3 weeks out, I would suggest keep doing long runs of about 18-20miles every other week this should keep your fitness, and try doing speed sessions or hills during the week. Then the last long run do a 22 mile run.

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