Long runs and appetite

So today I ran 15 miles, my longest run yet. The run was fine and felt like I could have done more if I'd had time which is all good but the weird thing is that is despite burning over 1600 calories I haven't been very hungry all day. Ive eaten pretty much what I'd normally eat anyway as I think I must need it but was hoping to enjoy my food more today!!!! I've had this happen before after long runs, has anyone else had this? Also, I'm doing a marathon in September and am going have to practice 'fuelling' on runs. I dont like drinking on runs let alone eating so this should be fun😧 Any tips on fuelling without getting queasy?

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  • I am the complete opposite ! The longest I have ever run is a HM and after that I was absolutely starving . I had raisins and a protein bar chopped up into little chunks and had those at 5, 10, 15 and 20k and just took a small sip of water . I find too much water makes me feel queasy.

    I hope someone can help you with your questions xxx

  • Raisins are a good idea. I love dried fruit and they're easy to carry without getting messy like jelly beans etc. As I thought I would be I'm starving this morning!!

  • I've never lost my apetite after a run. After my HM in New York in October, it took a while until I had access to proper food. By then I was feeling really queasy and had no apetite, but I forced myself to eat. I felt better almost right away, so obviously my blood sugar levels had dropped really low.

    I run with a drinking belt, and find that sipping water at regular intervals - e.g. every 2km - works really well, and prevents dehydration. Once I'm about halfway on a long run, I usually take a bite of an energy bar at the same time, then follow it with the water. I imagine I'll need to familiarize myself with gels before my first marathon.

  • I do get hungry after a long run, and I think you should get into the habit with fuelling on the long runs - 26 miles is a long way, and obviously you don't want to not have practised everything before the big day. Not sure what's causing the sense of feeling queasy. Does it help if you stop while drinking/fuelling rather than walking/jogging?

    Like C3PO I run with a belt (or a backpack for longer runs) and love having access to water whenever I feel like it. And for pure comfort I use gels rather than "solid food" for fuelling, they're nice and easy to stuff in a pocket.

  • I could eat a horse post run and for about a week afterwards

    I hate running with sticky sweets. I hate the sticky mouth and hands. I tend to eat sesame or pistachio bites from Lidl Greek range. You have to have a swill as they are dry. Each bite is individually wrapped but I snip the packets part open before setting off. They are really small so just the job. They do a nugget of a biccy too - wholewheat oats thyme and orange. Not to sweet. Quite hard so portable but they melt quite nicely. Once in your mouth. I stash a bit in my cheek til it softens then snaffle it. I don't do gels. Mind you I ain't done a marathon yet 🙂

  • I eat and then eat some more. Especially after the really long runs 20km + and I would stay hungry like eating all the time.

  • I don't think I'll ever be able to eat or drink much during running but I am going to invest in a belt for carrying supplies on long runs. I've got a some energy tablets and gels from various race goody bags so I'll experiment. I am starving today!!!

  • I get you... the hunger often hits me the following day..... If I am running any further than 8 miles I take fluid and gels. I ran out of fluid on one of my longer runs. I drank a litre and it was 20 miles. I think I needed it. I do add an electrolyte tab. I generally have something every 5k as that fits with water station stops on a marathon.

  • and i have a wonderful salamon backpack that is fab...

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