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Things are hotting up now, eek!


I have been busily training away in the background on my marathon adventure. The event is booked but I can still drop down to hm until mid march if training doesn't go well. The last 4-5 weeks have been increasing distances from 13.5, 14.5, 15.5 and then a 16.8 which became 18 miles as I felt quite good! I have been running 3 times a week with 6 and 5-8 mile runs in addition to the long run. I have been pleased with my progress so far and have taken a cut back week this week with a 6.5 miler, a 10.5miler followed by a sports massage. My legs are a bit achy today to I may do a 5 mile run at the weekend. The next four weeks on my plan is a bit muddled due to working weekends so the long run has to move to a Thursday or Friday. I have seen a run coach about accompanying me on some of those long runs as the other marathon runners in our run group do weekend runs only. I am hoping to get up to 20 or 22 miles!

Kit wise, my legs have been ok with my current trainers until I got to 18 miles. I suffered a small blister on my big toe on the outer edge of my shoe. The toe box is roomy and I wear toe socks so it is frustrating! I need to work out how to protect that bit of my big toe! Otherwise I am possibly going to buy the next pair of trainers......

So I am still running and my legs haven't fallen off yet. My long runs are slow, maybe slower than I would like but heyho!

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I only trained up to 30k for the marathon which was (just) enough to get me to the finish looking like a "runner". If you've got to 30k + in goid shape then you are in clover imho. When is your race?

RunfasterdoyleMarathon in reply to Lordi

The date has changed to 5th may from end of April. So I have a bit of time to train still. I think the longest runs are at the end of march before tapering (well life gets a bit in the way!!). The 18 miles felt good but I will see how it goes next weekend when I attempt the 18 mile run again. I don't think I have it cracked!!

Sandraj39Half Marathon

Sounds as though training is going well RFD - really well done on your run and good luck ! We totally believe you can do this, you know!🙂

RunfasterdoyleMarathon in reply to Sandraj39

Thanks Sandra! I don't know that I believe I can do it yet but hopefully if training goes well and injury free I might start believing 😉

WhatsappHalf Marathon

Well done you, a marathon is such a massive commitment.

RunfasterdoyleMarathon in reply to Whatsapp

I know it is a massive commitment and totally overwhelming at the moment. I just keep plodding on a bit at a time. The long runs are getting to 3.5 hours long so a big chunk of the day by the time I get back, stretched, bathed and fed. Fortunately my other half is very understanding. The kids are ok with it so far.

WhatsappHalf Marathon in reply to Runfasterdoyle

I'm sure they are very proud of you.

Irish-JohnHalf Marathon

I love a post from the "real world" :)

Thank you RFD :)

I keep getting books about marathon training from the library and none of them really agree, and they all assume their Plan is doable :)

Because of time, cash and ability - I think it's like watching the "Home Improvement" type shows, those guys have state if the art tools, prime materials, experts to call on etc :)

So - you posting your experience is worth gold! :)

Please - keep us updated, it's inspiring and comforting to know it's NOT "easily done" :)

RunfasterdoyleMarathon in reply to Irish-John

Thanks Irish-John! I have read some books, looked at marathon plans with 5 runs a week with cross training etc and I just couldn't fit that with work and family. I have also heard people hardly training at all and surviving a marathon. I have paid for some sports massages and some accompanied long runs with a run coach. I find solo runs this far harder than my HM training. I also need to allow some recovery between runs, hence three or four runs a week and keep injury free. This week is cutback week with night work etc so a sports massage and rest is in order. I hope I can keep going to complete my victory lap, only time will tell.

Irish-JohnHalf Marathon in reply to Runfasterdoyle

Will be cheering for you on the day RFD :)

That's a good idea about post-run massages, now I'm thinking of that and also scheduling a chiropractic session for after my HM :)


Wow. I'm super impressed. I really can' imagine going a step over HM distance, and with young children as well you are doing an amazing job! All the very

best with your training and the event itself.

RunfasterdoyleMarathon in reply to linda9389

Thank you Linda. It still feels like early days in the training and I hope I am not peaking too early! Just a couple of months to the event.

SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon

Wow! You're doing so great and look like you're well on track for race day. Definitely keep us posted.

RunfasterdoyleMarathon in reply to SaskAlliecat

Thank you, I will review my training on here for march when I have a few more runs under my belt!

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