Bewl Water Half

Bewl Water Half

So on Saturday, I did my first trail half marathon around the lovely reservoir of Bewl Water. It was a lovely setting the lake looked beautiful in the sun it was quite a hot day.

I met up with some friends who run as a group who I know from parkrun, as we got our stuff sorted we walked to the finish line, the Start is on a hill! People got nervous already! this isn't hilly is it? no its around a lake, they are flat!

Off we went and sure enough going up the hill and on to the reservoir's dam, I had lost my friends already. So I just ran along at my own comfortable pace, it was nice to be running on towpaths and not the normal pavement.

With about 8k gone a friend of mine caught me up, I decided to up my pace a bit and run with him, which was a good thing as I had just started bumbling along.

Then the first hill came at 10k! Apparently, it doesn't follow the lake all the way round! It was quite a hill lasting 1km but managed it with no problems if not a bit slow! then straight after a second steeper hill but shorter! Up it again even slower this time!

On the down hill we caught up with another friend, she was in trouble and had not taken on enough salt's (she has a problem) so was running slow trying to keep her levels correct. We stayed with her and made sure she was ok.

It was about 17km that my legs started to fade quite fast and the other two started pulling away from me, but I was determined to get back with them so with all my might I sped up and caught back up with them. Closing in on at the end of the race there was one last steep hill, we decided to walk up to make sure she was ok and get to finish line.

It was all then downhill my legs felt quite good going down hill! It was nice all 3 of us finished together although I think I have to work on my finish line celebrations!

I got a nice fish medal that also doubles up as a bottle opener and an ice cream from the shop.

I also learnt that if I going to be ready for Beachy head marathon I best start running up some hills!

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  • great report, great race.... gotta love hills!!! Have you signed up for the Strava run Everest in May challenge? I have but not sure I am going to make it!! Its good to focus oneself on the hills....! well done you :)

  • thank you! no i haven't signed up for it, I saw it but I figured if you can't make it I haven't got any chance. I start doing more and more hill work keep my distance around what is now then build up the distance in September time. But its all about the hill for me from now on!

  • excellent, whilst they are hard i do love hills....variety is the spice of life ... you are doing so well :)

  • makes you stronger! them hills or so they say.

  • Fabulous - well done!!! Nice medal too. Get up them hills, sunshine :)

  • yes, straight away I will go find the biggest steepest hill!

  • Congratulations! Well done ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I love that medal. Useful bling! ๐Ÿ‘

    Hills at the end of a long run are a bit dispiriting aren't they ๐Ÿ˜• Still they have to be conquered if you want to get home ๐Ÿ˜œ It's strange how you get to feel like death at say 17to19k but rally at about 20 . It's amazing how the body responds in such circs.

    I hope you are now rested and feeling good ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Yes your right, the body is certainly weird but amazing!

    Yep feeling rested havent gone out for a run since, but will go out tonight for 10km ish club run, which has some nice little hills in!

  • I felt ticketyboo post race on Sunday, and although not due to run til tomorrow, I thought I might take my legs for a spin yesterday, so got ready but couldn't get my shoes on as my feet had swollen. They felt ok, no ache or pain or anything but my feet were definitely not going comfortably into my shoes. I wasn't surprised mind you so gave up on the idea.

  • Well done Ben - great report and well done for tackling what sounds like a tough old course, probably made a lot harder by the heat. Unusual medal too!

  • thannk you

  • That sounds hard Ben! congratulations(and i love the medal!!) and well done on keeping up with your friends :)

  • thank you it, was quite hard but not going to be as hard as beachy head marathon!

  • Sounds like a great race, and I love your description of it. A lake with hills, who'd have thunk?! Hard work, but you got through it, and with bling that even doubles up as a bottle opener... what more can anyone wish for? Well done you!

  • thank you

  • Well done Ben, I'm still a bit of a wimp where hills are concerned, but have got a trail HM booked for am bringing them in slowly......๐Ÿ˜ฑ,

    Nice bling ๐Ÿ…

    Good luck with your hills!


  • thank you, your be fine really, its not like a road half.

  • Congratulations! It sounds like a good event. We have hills round lakes here in Oslo as well - that's why I usually stay away from them.

  • they make you stronger!

  • Well done! Unkind to put hills towards the end, I think. a great medal - unusual and useful. I would have needed a beer after that :)

  • thank you! Hills make you stronger well thats what i keep telling myself.

  • Lovely race report - thank you! I haven't done a trail half marathon and it sounds like beautiful scenery - even with the hills!

    I really like the medal - a bit unusual too.

    Hope you are feeling rested refreshed now.

  • Yes it was very nice i just took my time and enjoyed it.

    i felt rested and refreshed straight after the ice cream we had from the cafe after!

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