My first half

My first half

Did my first half marathon today at a little local race called the headcorn half.

So my plan and what i thought i would get from my last weeks in training was that I would go for around 2hrs 20minutes. So I started off at a good pace which I kept telling myself, your going to fast your die at the end. But I kept at a similar sort of pace until a slight hill where I dropped down a bit. It was after the hill I decided I felt good and that maybe I should up the pace a bit, I did the next km I upped the pace again and again.

I got to the last couple of Km's and I was starting to feel it my breathing was heavy my legs were feeling it, but I pushed on and went even faster. I even managed a sprint finish!

It was a lovely race, though the fields of kent and was maybe as about as flat as you can make a race and that time well 2hrs 6mins 17secs will do me. Sub 2hrs I am coming for you!

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  • You just got faster and faster! AmazingπŸ‘ A huge well done😎

  • Thank you

  • What a lovely, encouraging race report! And those lap times! Wow 😳😳😳! How I would love to experience a run like that!

  • I am sure you will, in your own little way. have faith in yourself.

  • Wow! Well done! πŸŽ‰πŸ₯‡πŸŽ‰ Amazing time, Ben - you must be absolutely buzzing after that. That sub 2hr HM is definately within reach now - go grab it with both hands!! πŸ™‚

  • Thank you i was very excited :) I will try my best at that 2hr mark.

  • Oh wow, well done Ben, what a fantastic time, and can you please explain to me how you got faster? πŸ€”........ you must've been having a great time πŸ˜‚ brakes start to come on after 10 miles in training....πŸ˜‚ - not that I'm anywhere near your speed.......I think you'll have to change your name to Billy Whizz!

    Nice bling too, πŸ…πŸ‘


  • Speed is relative :) I think it helped that i train in a hilly area and this was more or less flat which helped a lot. The last 5km i normally have to go up a hill to get home!

  • Yay, well done πŸ˜€

    Dunno how you speeded up like that. I remember fading badly at 19 ish, then there was a goddam hill πŸ™„

    So, there 'll be a next time then πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ

  • no hills on on this one, train in them hills and then it seems it makes you go quite fast on a flat course!

  • Well done Ben. By the look of that final 5K, you had lots left in the tank.

    You will smash the 2hrs when you are back to full fitness.

  • thank you i hope to break the 2hrs in a few weeks time.

  • Wow ! Brilliant run Ben , those splits are fantastic ! You got faster the further you progressed !

    On my first , I was doing okayish , then it all went a bit pear shaped at 17k and I lost my focus a bit.

    That sub 2hour HM is yours for the taking ! :-) xxx

  • yes i was happy with the splits maybe i will go faster at the start next time!

  • Awesome... Well done Ben! 😁

  • thank you

  • well done Ben you did brilliantly! :)

  • thank you

  • Well done Ben that is a fantastic result! You will definitely achieve sub 2 at some point! Hope your knee is ok.

  • My knee was a hurting a bit during the night, but been to see the osteopath today they squeezed and pulled and pushed so feels alot better today and got told off for not stretching enough during the week not just after my running!

  • Nicely done Ben, nice splits

  • thank you

  • Wow, excellent race - jolly well done that Ben!!

  • thank you! hope that tri training is coming along!

  • Goodness! Fantastic job, well done Ben!

  • thank you.

  • Doing so well that you can up your speed mid-race is the dream! Well done!

  • and everyone's dream can come true. thank you

  • Get you!!! That is so fantastic and look at those negative splits!!! Huge well done and great to see you on top form there :)

  • oh thank you! although i did run the first half of brighton a couple of minutes faster, but shhh dont tell anyone. I am getting back to top form!

  • Yay, that's a great time! Well done Ben, very impressive. Particularly the speed up the last 4 km, that must really have taken some dedication.


  • hmm not sure dedication i think just training on hills and having his as a flat course. (i must have only done 3-4 long runs getting up from 10k to half distance)

  • Told you ........

    Well done, brilliant time.

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