Jelly superstitious

Jelly superstitious


I'm going to my first race of the year on Sunday, it's the 10K at the Milton Keynes Festival of Running. I'll be staying with my mum the night before, and the other day she emailed me with: "What do you like for breakfast on running days? I know I used to know, but I forgot".

Hmmm I thought. OK, I'll 'fess up: "Peanut butter with blackberry jelly on a plain bagel"! *

My mum was not phased (she is enjoying being retired and doesn't sweat the small stuff) but I felt a bit embarrassed, so I told her it was a superstition thing (so then felt even more embarrassed). And then I ate said breakfast before my 17 miler this week, and it made me feel a bit queasy actually. But I had a great run :)

But anyway, the point is that I've eaten that combo for my most recent half-marathon, and for Beachy Head, and I seemed to do well on it, so I don't want to rock the boat. But for a 10K?? I have no idea as this will be my first 10K race! I'm actually quite used to running 10K before breakfast...

Is anyone else as paranoid as me? What would you eat before a 10K race?

*Not as pictured!

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  • My race-day preparation for 10km race is like this:

    Lucky socks, lucky pants, lucky running top, lucky safety pins (honestly). Porrige (made with water, not milk), little dried pineapple cubes, dried coconut flakes. Did I have my breakfast at least 2 hours before the off?? Then the standard indecision about drinking more water or will I need to find the loo before the start???

    So, I'd say that it is 100% essential that you have your special bagel breakfast before the MK 10km run. Otherwise, something will go wrong, or worse - DNF.

    The rational side of me says that you could probably run a 10km distance on no breakfast, or toast... anything... but we all have our little rituals. So stick with your bagel...

  • Awesome, I love it! Bagel is ready (although I have to remember to defrost it). I am getting some lucky safety pins :)

  • Me? I'd have what I'd normally have before a run - porridge made with semi-skimmed milk, served with greek yoghurt and demerara. You - you should definitely do what works for you, so bagel it is!

  • Porridge is a winner, it seems :)

  • Another vote for the bagel for you and porridge (instant stuff made by lovely quakers in traditional dresses, prepared with semi skim milk by me) for me.

    I totally get the thing about not wanting to rock the boat. Doing these things is part of the ritual, and who cares if it's just superstition?

    Good luck on Sunday!

  • Thank goodness for those quakers in their dresses :)

    Thank you, Tomas! xx

  • Tomas you can make proper porridge with proper rolled oats in the microwave in two minutes, better than that powdered stuff, and probably much cheaper too.

  • But does it have dried berries and fruit and stuff already mixed in?

    I know pre fab food is lazy and tends to be expensive (although these works out fairly cheap). Maybe I'll try to do it the propper way some time on a weekend just for the fun of it.

  • No, but mine yesterday had fresh raspberries, and in France I tend to have it cold. Oats and milk left in the fridge overnight... with my tiny wild strawberries from the garden...lovely!

  • Sounds absolutely lovely. Love the idea of fresh fruit rather than dried, even if it's all time in the morning.

    Do you place the oats in their box next to the milk when you leave then in the fridge, or is the distance not important?

  • Silly Bu**er!

  • Butter? You calling me BUTTER?

    Margarine! There. I said it.

  • Another vote for the bagel. Whatever makes you feel best prepared.

    I don't like to run any distance on an empty stomach and had a McDonalds muffin about an hour before my first 10K race (in addition to the usual porridge I had at home).

  • Hmmm, or maybe a McDonalds... :)

  • Don't they serve a MacBagel with egg and "sausage"? Almost as good as peanut butter and jelly, I hear...

  • I probably wouldn't tell my mum about that one...

  • I've just found out about the Toffee Crisp McFlurry - I'm definitely up for that!

  • A bit messy when squeezed inside a bagel, isn't it?

  • You know it!

  • Haha! Just noticed what you did there...

    🎼The writing's on the wall🎼

  • ;)

  • I usually run a 10K on musli, porridge and pieces of cantaloupe. There are no morning 10K races here, though, so I usually have a sandwich with eggs or something similar, then an energy bar about one hour before the race. I also have the water question, and tend to go for less than more water. Then again I always carry water with me when I run, so it's not a problem.

  • This race starts at 10:10, which is just a bit too late to not bother with breakfast (which I would prefer really).

    I also always carry water, but was thinking I might leave it at home for the race - it would be quite nice not to have it in the way for a change! There's one water station on the course, although it's controversial because they say it's at mile 3 on the web faq, but at mile 6.5 on the map :)

    Unfortunately I now have a cold, so I may be better off carrying some water :(

  • That's definitely tricky. Good luck tomorrow!

  • I have to eat before any run, no matter how short! I eat porridge, well cooked cos if not it gives me indigestion. I have some honey, jam or agave stuff in it and mebbe some berries. Blackcurrant jam is my absolute fave! I make my own as I grow them, blackberry too! Lovely jubbly

    You eat how you usually eat! That sounds fine to me. If you eat it a good hour before, 90 minutes. You can always take a banana with you and snaffle that if needs be. I like peanut butter on toast. I used to hate the stuff. Funny what running does to us. I'm also eating avocados! Who'da thought it

    Good luck with your first race of 2017! It's going to be great. I can feel the optimism hovering about our happy throng. Go geddit!!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeha!

  • Wow, thank you Miss W - yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :D

    My blackberry jam was made by my sister, it is gorgeous and for some reason goes exceptionally well with peanut butter!

  • Can't stop singing jelly superstitious now! See what you did there. Tut

    ... wash your face and hands, tra la la

  • Ha ha, sorry :D

    The PBJ bagel is extremely messy eating actually, so washing face and hands, and possibly hair, is necessary afterwards...

  • Sounds lovely! My little great nephew's fave food is bagels (unbeknown to his mother) LOL He calls em bagews. We eat them with Philly on and some home-grown cucumber. Roll on summer. The cuc seeds are up!

  • They're bagews from now on...

  • Hey I think you gave me an idea for my first test of my new food pro! Never made a bagew!

  • Report back then :)

  • If I am on my own (without family) then peanut butter and a bagel for the journey and a bowel of porridge before I set out.

    If I am leaving from home or have family with me then it's anything I can eat while chasing the kids round the house trying to get them ready. While trying to get myself dressed and ready.

  • You're a hero! :)

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