Newbie/bad, bad run today :(

Hi, I'm a newbie on this forum. I've been running since September 2014 and attempting to train for Reading half marathon in March. Doesn't help that I slipped on ice 10 days ago and landed right on my coccyx which is incredibly painful!!! One good thing (!) is that sitting and lying down hurt more than anything else so I am attempting to keep training.

Sunday is my "long run" day, so off I went this morning in the drizzle. After a mile I thought "this is going to get better, right?" - heavy legs, sluggish, sore coccyx, just no energy. Wrong! Eventually managed 5.5 miles in an hour and walked home (0.3 miles) feeling sorry for myself.

I am trying to tell myself that it's just one bad run, everyone has them - tell me I'm right!

I did run 13.1 miles last year (alone) so I know that I can do it...

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  • Hello!

    You're right :)

    Maybe you should get your back checked if you haven't already?

  • Hi there, no such thing as a 'bad' run, it all counts.....are you following a plan? I'm running my first HM in March, and my plan is only just going up from 4.5 to 6.5 I should think you'd be fine....

    Are you or have you run longer distances recently? Or is this your first step up for a while?

    Some days I feel like I'm a bag of rusty old spanners....😄's still a run and doing the work though.....👍

    Hope your pain settles...


  • Yes I'm doing a Bupa intermediate HM plan. I ran/walked 5 miles last Sunday. Bag of rusty spanners sound exactly right! thanks Madge :)

  • Cheer up, a bad run day is better than a stay at home no run feeling like a loser-day. You got one over the gremlin, and it was very brave of you to get out running with a sore tail-end. So chuck it in the F**K it bucket and move on, preferably via the doctor's surgery to check out if you have broken your coccyx. You'll have the half marathon done & dusted - believe in yourself, kiddo.

  • Ha ha f**k it bucket ROTFL.

  • Gosh you poor thing you ran all that way with a Coccyx injury.... you need to rest up and get that sorted

  • Thanks for the encouragement. Re: my coccyx, tbh what is incredibly painful is sitting or lying down, running is sore but not excruciating I think it just felt worse today because the run was such hard going. As far as I can tell, there is no treatment anyway, and it is definitely improving (time + painkillers). Resting isn't a possibility as sitting and lying down hurt so much!!!

  • If it was cold it will have felt worse! I had that problem a few weeks ago, next day I was nice and toastie but no real pain!

  • It wasn't especially cold (about 9 degrees) but very damp and I was soaked through after a couple of miles...

  • There are round cushiony things with strategically placed holes that you can sit on when you've broken your coccyx. A colleague of mine did it once - and there really is nothing you can do, except wait and let yourself heal. Hope that happens quickly!

  • Just ordered a coccyx cushion. Luckily I work for myself but I do spend a certain amount of time sitting (including attempting to sit on the sofa in the evening which seems to be more painful than anywhere else!) and driving is also pretty sore. Thanks.

  • Aww, that sounds very unpleasant. I'm sure the running will get easier, but do be careful about asking too much of your body while you're already in pain.

    Hope the coccyx gets better soon, and hope the next run is more pleasant. You're right, we all have runs that don't feel good.

  • welcome to the forum, and sorry to hear about your fall. I slipped down the stairs once and landed on my coccyx so I know how painful it can be. Good luck with your training - and I hope the next run is more fun!

  • If you've done one HM you can do another! Well, that's what I thought, so trained for another. You should be fine with the run/walk plan

    Sorry to hear about your injury. Ouch! Take care not to overdo it while you're still tender

  • Bad runs make you stronger! if you can complete a bad run you can complete any run it builds mental strength which is just as important as physical strength.

    but then again go out there and get your running shoes on again and have fun.

    please go to the doctor and have look at your cocyx i had a friend who broke his and he was out for ages and very painful. (he was very drunk so it was his fault)

  • Thanks everyone. I think I've identified why Sunday's run was so horrendous as I've had a temperature since yesterday morning and feeling very sluggish, so I guess my body is fighting something. Didn't feel up to running today, so gave it a miss. Onwards and upwards once I'm better - hoping to do my first Park Run on Saturday if the forecast is wrong!

  • hope you feel better soon.

    and go do that first parkrun you wont regret it, do it no matter what the forecast says!

  • No way I'm running on ice after the coccyx incident!

  • good point! go do it if it isnt icy or snowy. Its saying its gonna a be lovely 6c and sunny where i am on saturday might have to get the shorts out.

  • We all have them days, keep running, you will have more good runs than bad ones.

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