First energy gels ordered

In recent weeks, the day after a long run (13km+) I have felt decidedly "weird"... sort of tired and a bit spaced out. The run itself feels tiring but it's not a case of bursting lungs or legs feeling like they're on fire, just tiring. I suspect I just haven't got enough energy in the tank first thing in the morning for it not to have a delayed effect.

So when I start my HM training next month I am going to start taking an energy gel out with me for runs over 80mins. I've gone for the SiS selection pack (20gels, 4 lots of 5 different flavours)... will see how it goes and report back.

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  • I'll be interested to hear your feedback.

    I've used gels on longer runs and I'm never quiet sure if they are doing any good or not!! However, I did a 16k run last Saturday and only took one with me (along with a small drink) which I probably had before half way as it takes a bit of time to get into the system. whilst I knew that I would feel pretty tiered at the end, I really really didn't have much left in my legs at the end.... now was it the lack of fuel... or the lack of training ???

    Well hopefully, after this weekends HM where I will take more fuel I'll know more!!! :-)

  • Also, dont forget to eat a very good diet. I found when i felt like that I started craving meat, so i upped my chicken, avacado and protein consumption and it deffo made a difference. I too am keen to hear how you get on with the gels....

  • I'm following :)

  • Me too! Have not use gels but I do fuel up on a long run by taking a honey and oat bar with me and having some of this when I have water. It has been sufficient for me on 16k runs. I do agree with ju-by though on upping nutrition. I also think hydration is massively important in the days prior to a long run.

  • When is your HM by the way?☺

  • March, Silverstone.

  • I had a similar experience back in 2012 which could best be described my battery being totally run down. I had the fortune to stumble across The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance by Drs Volek and Phinney and have gone from strength to strength. No energy gels needed on my 4hr+ 100 km cycling trip or on my 4hr+ marathon - both achieved during Sept 2016 (and all the shorter distances leading up to now). Only water, home-made electrolytes and high fat processed chiroso munchies

  • I used energy gels for my training marathon. the high5 ones just because I had been given some and that's what they used at the marathon. I think they helped me but not sure if it physiology or what. But it got me through plus I seemed to pick up a fair amount of them at a recent event. Not sure when I will ever get round to using them.

  • Those honey oats jobs are fab. I make my own but they melt unless in a jacket pocket tied round your waist or your body heat melts the butter 😊

    I don't do gels as the texture makes me shudder. some are more natural than others. I, would be wary of some of them

    I found same as Ju that protein needs to be upped. that was for my half. Eat and drink well throughout training and get enough sleep. I don't drink either which I think helps as it's so dehydrating.

    GOOD luck ☺

  • Might be worth looking at your hydration too, that can cause the same sort of symptoms. You can experiment a little with food in the morning I find I can manage an egg and one slice of bread or a banana or a cereal bar very simple carbs with no fibre generally worth a try. Good luck and happy running!!

  • My brother is trialling veggie Colin Caterpillar fruit sours from M&S for me on his long runs...

  • There is a Percy pig veggie too :)

  • Oh yes (although they do have that 'foam sweet' taste)... I was never a sweet eater and then we got an M&S Food Hall 5 minutes down the hill. It's a steep hill back up but it won't take care of the extra calories!

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