Central Park run

Central Park run

I have just returned from visiting my sister who lives in New York just a few blocks from Central Park. I did 2 runs while there, this one was twice around the Jackie Onassis reservoir, the whole run (including to and from my sisters apartment) was about 7km. It was a truly beautiful morning and this sunrise was stunning. I felt a bit 'touristy' taking photos, but quite a few people stopped to take a pic. On the second run a couple of days later the weather was somewhat different - lashing rain and a gusty cold wind, but very refreshing nevertheless. On Sunday we went for quite a long walk around the north part of the park - so many runners! I don't think I have seen so many people out running for fun in one place.

I am going to look up some organised runs in Central Park / NY for when I go next. Does anyone know of some shorter ones (10k ish) that they recommend?

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  • I know nothing, except that I sure wish I could run round Central Park! One day. Have fun :)

  • One day! It is a beautiful park, and very well looked after.

  • Wow! Lovely photo, and running in Central Park is definately on my wish list should I ever be lucky enough to visit New York!

  • Thanks, that sunrise was a great sight. And don't forget your kit if you ever do get to visit!

  • I love your photo! It sounds like you had two good runs in the park.

    The half marathon I did at the beginning of the month was organized by the New York Road Runners - nyrr.org/. They organize all the runs in Central Park and around the city, and they do all sorts of distances - from 5K and up. I got the impression that they do several races a week. The race I participated in was very well organized, so I can highly recommend them.

  • Thanks - I just looked at the website, and there is a variety of runs. The half marathon next March looked interesting - until I saw the entry fee! $145 is quite steep for me.

  • That was unfortunate - and wildly expensive. I think I only paid $30 for the HM I ran in.

  • I think I saw some stuff on the central park website a while ago - can't for the life of me think why I was on there! I ran round the reservoir a couple of years ago - only once though, it was ridiculously hot and humid even at 8am.

  • All I can say is that I'm sooooooooooooooooo jealous!! Utterly gorgeous pic too. I don't know NY but the marathon is on my bucket list!!! 😎

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