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I'm following a My Asics plan and I did another 10.5km yesterday. In my lovely new trainers (which are soooo beautiful!) I'm now walking round with ice packs tied to my ankles. Clearly they don't have the support I need :-(

I may have to give tomorrow's 5km and Sundays 10.5km a miss, and I haven't missed any training runs yet.

And I am doing the Shine Night Marathon walk in 2 weeks which will have to replace my first 17km run of the half marathon plan. Do you think that will be ok?

Thanks for any advice!

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  • I think you will definitely need to take things easy after the Shine Night Marathon walk. How long do you expect it to take? It won't be quite the same as your 17km run, but I imagine it will be quite tough on your body. This is just a guess, but I'm assuming your walk will take at least 8 hours, which can only be quite a drain on your body.

  • You could exchange those shoes!

    If you are in pain have a few days off. Are you doing the beginners plan? The intermediate one is hell! I had to come off it and do the easy one, which isn't by any stretch! You can get injured just doing the training and/ or be knackered before training day arrives, so go steady ☺

    Your run should be ok as part of the training but only if you are FIT. Don't do it if you are suffering.

    Good luck ☺

  • Hi Jo

    Yes definitely give tomorrows and Sundays runs a miss , just to give your ankles a rest .

    Im doing the beginners Asics and only run 2 days a week . It is tough though now , I am just entering my " Go Further " Phase again and I too did a 10.5k yesterday and one due on Sunday .

    See how you feel for the walk , if youre in pain though I would definitely give it a miss . Hope youre okay after a rest, sometimes that's all that is needed -fingers crossed :-) xxx

  • Yes Poppy. I think that you are right. Four runs a week has been great and I am just amazed by how significant a part of my life it has become, but I think I will just give those 2 runs a miss and pick up again next week.

  • Take them back!!!!! Did you have gait analysis???

  • Noooo. I just saw them and loved them, I was visiting Glasgow for the weekend and I live in Devon. I'm going to have to keep them and get them out and stroke them every now and then :-)

  • Are they ok to walk in? I have running shoes as my regular shoes, I think they're cool :) Or you might try some orthotics, maybe heel inserts? Could just be throwing good money after bad though...

    Also, it probably would be a good idea for you to investigate ankle-strengthening exercises :)

  • Use em for general walking so at least you'll get the wear out of them. I have some Nike racers that I can't run in as they come too far up my heel. The shoe just seems far too deep. Pity as they are gorgeous. Beautifully made! Mind you they weren't dear as they were older models, so it's not such a shame.

    I'm in the Race Simulation Phase Pops! Eeek! 17.70 k for me tomorrow. Been planning my route on Goodrunguide. I think I am running round some reservoirs for a change

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