Two weeks until the Oslo HM

My training came to a sudden halt a couple of weeks ago, when I went on a 19K run with a sore throat. I had decided to run at a slow pace, and everything went fairly well, but afterwards my body declared that it had had enough, and I ended up in bed for a few days. And there was no running for about 9 days.

I got going again last week, with a good 8K evening run, and a planned 8K interval that just didn't work out - I guess the area I had picked had too much of an ascent. Things picked up yesterday with a 17K where I focused on keeping my heart rate down, and managed to run most of my 5K ascent. I was pleased with my pace, and for once haven't had achy legs afterwards, so I'm starting to feel optimistic that I'll manage to improve my time. Especially considering that the HM is mostly flat, and I've been practicing on routes that include quite a few hills. I'm not the fastest runner, and am hoping to manage well within 2:30 this year.

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  • Well done. You seem to have recovered well and are clearly in great shape if your legs didn't ache! I did 16.6k on Sunday and my legs reminded me of it very loudly yesterday! I really need to build up endurance more generally, not just before an event. Goodluck for Oslo!

  • well done on recovering and good luck for Oslo I wish you enjoy the day :)

  • ouch poor you, it does really take it out of us and its good you had a proper rest..... good luck for your HM :)

  • I iam sure your do great on your HM, good luck we will all be cheering you on.

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