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I am new to running. my goal was to run a 5k. i lost 90 lbs and decided last year i was going to complete 12 races. well i did 15. 12 5k's 1 4 mile, 1 5 mile and the last one on 11/15/2015 15th race was a 15k. when i crossed the finish line i looked at my friend and said "half marathon is only 4 more miles" so this year i decided to complete a half marathon. then in Jan i was dealing with severe foot pain. found out i had planter fascitis and a bone spur. had surgery. was told it would be 6 mos to heal. since then i have completed a few 5ks but so afraid to do the half. I haven't been able to train as also found out i have arthritis in my knees. any advice

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First - well done on all your running achievements last year - you have done brilliantly, not just that but the weight loss too. I am so sorry to hear about your foot problems. But - you can do a half marathon you know - just take it easy with training. Don't do too much too quickly. And very important - cushioned shoes, and no running (as much as possible) on hard surfaces like pavements. That will protect your knees and your feet. That's my tupoence worth anyway!

Good luck with your training, and let us know how it goes.

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i would also recommend some non impact cardio training so you can cut down on the amount of times you run and give your knees and foot more time to recover. Something like cycling or a rowing machine.


you have done so well... my advice is to see a sports osteopath who will help with your training and targeted exercises... it really is worth the money if you can afford it. Hang in there, you will make it :)


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