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Camelback: Run Two

I think you've beaten me to it on the usage Noaky12 spikymoss but thought I'd post anyway.

Second run with my "free" Camelback (magazine sub) and much more successful from the off.

First tip I found out myself: Camelbacks are not rucksacks. If you are used to using long distance, well adjusted sacks perhaps as in backpacking/long distance walking, forget that for this type of sack, or mine anyway. The fitting of this type of sack, without a waist belt, needs to be adjusted so that it doesn't sit close and tight. Probably best sorted on the run in a 'suck it and see' sort of way. On my first run I spent the first couple of k sorting it out.

Second tip I found on t'internet. And it is probably obvious to many but didn't occur to me. Put water into the bladder. Tighten the stopper, turn upside down and suck on the mouthpiece until the water flows to get rid of the air. This stops you being chased by the "Sloshers". I spent my first run with the sound of water sloshing around behind me - kept thinking "if this was milk I'd have butter by the time I get home"😀.

I do like the Camelback and will wear it for my longer/more remote runs.

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Thanks AnnieW55 I kept tightening the chest strap up but maybe thats not the right thing. A bit more trial & error I think, but I do like it.

Well done on the run too ☺👍


Hiya Noaky12 ,

It is a little bit awkward at first to get the straps to sit right. It took me a while to realise that on mine you can move the position of the chest strap, it slides up and down the shoulder straps. It was much more comfortable for me once I moved mine right up to the top!


Ahhhh I'll need to check if mine does that too cause I'm sure that would help. Thank you!

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Hi Annie,

I took mine out again yesterday too and it worked a treat sucking all the air out of it first!


I used mine loads for marathon training but it chafed me... since then I have splashed out on a Salamon one with the squishy water bottles and its just the best one ever and I love it!!! Enjoy your Camelbak it makes a huge difference to your longevity :)


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