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Hi all! I discovered HealthUnlocked after i ran the St. George's 10 mile road race on the Isle of Wight. I'm working towards my second half-marathon in late September, so I hope you have room for me.

I first began ran after I lost a lot of weight and turned 40, and ran for a couple of years, until I had my third child. I starting running again in June 2013, and mostly focused on 10Ks until my first half-marathon last year. Training went well, but I didn't do as well as I'd hoped on race day, and finished in 2:37. I've run pretty constantly since then, even running in spiked shoes on the ice last winter. I'm still a fairly slow runner, but am participating in longer races - I did an 18K in May, a 14.5 K in June, and the St. George's in July. I'm feeling pretty optimistic about improving my time in September.

I hope you have room for someone who mostly thinks in metric!

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  • you are very welcome and I hope that you will find this group useful. It sounds like you have alot of experience that I hope you will be happy to share with us as we are all relatively new to running. It sounds like you are on track for that HM in September..... I hope you will find this group a support for you in your training :)

  • Love metric :) During both my half-marathons I amused myself a lot by trying to calculate how far I had left in km...

  • Love metric too - I get confused with miles! And the km always zip by quicker.

    Good luck for your second half marathon - which one are you doing? I am doing the Ealing Half Marathon late September.

  • Thanks for the welcome! I'm running the Oslo Half Marathon. I've done the 10K several times, and the HM last year.

  • Oh wow, I want to do that one!

  • Welcome to the forum! I did the St George's race too!phew,bit of a tough route! I found it hard going in the heat this yr!

    I've just done one HM (GOSPORT)in Nov last year(2.33) plus (unofficially ) the route of the Needles HM in July. Might be doing the iow half in a week and a bit,going to see how hot it is!

    Good luck with your training.

  • aliboo70, it sure was hot! This was the first time I encountered sponge stations, and will be using a sponge in Oslo in September if it's hot.

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