Coming back from injuries

Coming back from injuries

So i have not run at all for a couple of weeks, before that was the odd 5k and such. I think my fitness level has dropped alot. Whats the best way to come back? assuming that everything is now ok. Would you go for a long slow run and see how you feel? or set out for say 2km run and then just build up the distance from there again?

I have no idea!

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  • I would say go out with no intention of speed, distance etc. Go somewhere you love to run and ideally in nature. But only for 1 to 2 miles. If you are enjoying yourself you can go further but you must finish on a high..... There speaketh the panther 🐾

  • I would start off with short distances, have a day's rest, evaluate, go again a bit further etc

    I don't think you'll have lost your fitness in two weeks.

    Don't get despondent! Think positive. Be sure to eat healthily so you feel less sluggish and to stay in trim for your return

    Good luck!

  • I am pretty sure i havent lost my fitness in two weeks, but its no really running that much before that concerns my maratin in april i have done a few 5ks and two 10ks

  • Sorry I should have said that my suggestion is purely for your mental health. Fitness wise I'm sure you could easily go out and nail a HM or more!!

  • Are you suggesting I am in someway mental? :)

  • Am I digging a bigger hole... I'll get my coat!!!

  • good idea i shall go over the fields and far away.

  • I have been off running due to injury for 19 days (I counted them all!) I have a ten mile race on Sunday so not much chance to get any distance runs in before the big day. Not ideal by any means.

    Just go out with no plan, as Ju Ju says, and see how far you get. Have fun

  • Just go out for a test run and see how it goes. Enjoy being off the IC, enjoy the feeling of running again. If it gets difficult quickly then you know you have to build up from there. But it won't, you'll probably be better for the rest - and you'll love it!

  • I don't think your fitness levels will have changed but how far you run depends on the injury you had. If it was joints, I'd do a short run and gradually extend it.

  • I did parkrun today felt ok if i kept the pace easy each time i sped up i could feel it so kept it nice and easy until the end when i had a little sprint finish with a friend!

  • As a veteran to injuries, I'd say go with no expectations like JuJu said. See how you feel and build back up. You've had weeks off not months so shouldn't see too much of a drop, maybe more mental than physical. Regular runs getting back into routine I found most useful rather than anything else. Have fun ! 😀

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