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back from holidays

Hi everybody!

I have been in Italy for a couple of weeks and did not post anything from there. I took a bit of a vacation from running but still did about 50 miles (48) in total. I forgot how hot can get down there... I did 3 runs in Sardinia and on my first I thought it was raining, but it was my own sweat from the cap ... I realized after that I was running at 8.30 am with 35 degrees ... that is hot!

I managed a couple of long runs, but mainly got a bit of fast intervals in. I am back in the grey and colder northern Ireland and I am going slowly back towards the 50 miles per week. I have a training plan for the Dublin Marathon (which I cannot run as I will be busy on the day) and I think I will follow it with some flexibility.

After that (end of October) I am planning to get some more intervals and stars training (to get more power in the legs). If I manage to get rid of some weight, I would love to run a Half at the beginning of the year and then prepare the Dublin marathon for next year with a goal of 210' (which for the moment looks impossible).

I will keep you posted on the developments :)

happy running


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I would have thought the weight would be shifting with the mileages you are putting in. How's your portion control?


My portion control has been probably awful for the last couple of years (as I have ran more than 2600miles since May 2014 (~900 in 2016) and gained 6 Kg.).

About a month ago I have started to keep calories and portions more under control and I am now 5/6 Kilos down, however still very far away from my normal BMI (still need to get rid of 11 to 20 kilos, depending on where I want to get - e.g. 20 would bring me to normal BMI and to the weight I was in my teenage - when I used to be a faster runner).

So the plan is to go back below 80 Kilos at least and then try to speed up my half and full marathons :)

I am definitely motivated, let's see how it goes in the next year...


Hi marco83 and welcome back! I am not surprised you had to cut the running back a bit in that heat! Weight loss? I find portion control and no eating between meals is the easiest way to do it. But everyone is different...

Good luck with your plan!

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good luck with that i am sure your do well, i have no tips about weight loss. But your plan sounds like a sensible long term plan.

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Sounds fabulous, and what a wonderful holiday too.... great training plan :)

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I have found a 10K and signed in to add some speedwork to my future training, so in a couple of weeks I start with "need for speed" training plan ;) I'll keep you posted :)

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