Wrist band generator ✔️


if you are aiming for a specific time in your race then this nifty little bracelet is just the ticket. You just print off, laminate and cut out attaching to your wrist. Makes it so much easier during the race!!!

I am most definately going to give this a go...



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7 Replies

  • That is really useful. Going to save and use regularly. Thanks for sharing

  • On my watch I use android wear with ghostracer (this will mean nothing to most of you) but I can set a time and distance and then it will tell me if in am up or down on that target. Surely Garmin must do the same thing which is is also the same as what this band does.

    Or am I missing something?

  • It does. All but the most basic models have Virtual Pacer (tells you how much you are up/down on an even paced run) and/or Virtual Racer (tells you how much you are up/down versus a previous run on the same route or a pre-programmed uneven pace).

  • Looks really useful - have saved it. Thanks.

  • That looks useful JJ, thanks for sharing.

  • I printed mine off but it seems to have gone missing in all the running detritus on my desk, so ta for the link I am using it for my 10 mile race ☺

  • Nice one, might use that for my next race!

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