ive started doing push ups on the 2nd May with the view they will make me a super strong runner and give me lovely muscles!!... I collapsed.... So I'm doing them with bent knees.

I'm now up to 40 in sets of 10 with a 30 second break. I use stones and drop them in a bowl so I know how many sets I've done ( as pictured). It is only taking me about 8 minutes but I'm seeing improvements in ability and muscle tone ( see pic of me at the gym admiring my tiny muscles!!!)

How do you all find them?

Happy bank holiday guys, and sorry I've not been around much I have had an awful tummy bug :(



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  • That is awesome progress. Well done. I think push ups are one of the core building blocks, that can be done basically anywhere, for getting in shape. Maybe we should have a Couch to 100 Push-ups!

  • Thankyou, and yes that's a great idea!!!

  • Sorry to hear about your tummy bug, hope you are over it now.

    You are making me feel guilty about press ups. I was going to do a daily stretch and excercise routine (including press ups) but lapsed after a week.

    I agree with Joel, something like couch to 100 might be needed to keep me on track.

  • Thankyou, I'm a bit washed out, I never get ill!!! I have only just started this stuff because I get it now that it helps, and I want that sub 2 hour HM and every little helps.... 😼

  • Nice (the biceps, obviously ;) )

    I do push ups every second day. Three sets of 20 but with a good 5 minutes between sets. About once an month I will extend the final set to the maximum number I can do before my arms give way. I got to 48 on Tuesday!

    I actually like pushups whereas I hate doing situps/crunches.

  • Thankyou, they are small but I'm hoping they will get firmer as I progress!!! Well done you, and I agree, there is no challenge to a sit up but these bad boys are hard core.... 😼

  • No challenge to a sit-up? Speak for yourself JJ.

  • I try and do one set of 10 (half bend) once per week. When I was in training for the OCR I got up to 15 and could do 2 or 3 sets in a day. Now I find them really hard.

    You are doing so well and your commitment is fantastic.

  • Well done, when I started I could barely do any but was amazed at how quickly I improved.....

  • * reminder to self don't pick a fight with ju-ju-

    That's great work I swim and cycle is all the other work outs I do and hardly do them. #lazyrunner

  • Heehee I think you'd win, I'm pretty puny really!!! You should do them you are #averylazyrunner !

  • I did a plank-a-thon challenge, which I had meant to repeat (really must start that again!) to help with my core, but I am stimied by push ups. Even taking the 'easy' option of doing them from the knees is really hard for me - I have next to no upper body strength and my arm muscles pull, not push (pathetic, I know). There is no excuse, I should get down to doing something about this. Are you following any sort of build up, or just doing your own thing? Either way, I am very impressed!

  • Very impressive Ju ! My biceps look like knots in cotton ! :-D

    I've got some 3k hand weights by the side of the sofa , and pick those up now and again and have a faff with . My upper body and core strength is something that I really need to work on consistently , but I tend to be a bit meh . Must try harder ! :-)

    Well done , persistance pays ! xxx

  • I am #lazyrunner too because if wasn't for my outdoor fitness class I would never do any upper body or core work! Although yesterday I had to miss a class because I am away for the weekend so I went for a run instead, interspersed with tricep dips and push ups on a bench, and also step ups on the same bench, and some more push ups on a nice dry bit of grass. The one thing I really have to force myself to do on my own are sit ups because I just find them so hard!

    It's funny because starting out running a lot of people get embarrassed running outdoors, and I still feel a bit like that when doing any other exercise outdoors by myself, although running is fine... Weird.

    Well done ju-ju- - impressive determination- and soon to be very impressive muscles!

  • Hi Ju I do them as part of the circuit training on JM dvd's. I mostly do them on my knees too. The Chaturanga ones are evil but I can do those a bit. You have to bend your arms without your elbows sticking out to the side. I think the idea is to resemble a stick insect or preying mantis leaning forward 😊

    Yes they will strengthen your upper body, core, legs etc but you won'-t get muscly, just well defined. My middle looks much more toned than it did ☺ Running more hills has helped too

  • I'm stealing your stones in a bowl idea! I always lose count. Not that I'm doing press-ups at the moment... but I go through phases...

  • Brilliant achievement JJ. I was doing stair push-ups (like bench push ups but using the staircase because I didn't have a bench and I was too weedy to do the knee ones) around Christmas and managed to get to around 20 (I think) Then I pulled a muscle in my side and had to give up. Your post has made me want to have another go though. Well done :)

    Sorry to hear you've been ill. Hope you're well on the mend now x

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