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Oops what have I gone and done now

Mmm well the answer is I signed up for the London Marathon ballot yesterday. The thing is if I get it it will be my first. I have just completed my second half and plan to do another couple of half's this year.

Originally my plan was to do my first marathon next year, but to do the Dublin marathon as it would be my home one. BUT someone mentioned to me yesterday  about doing New York but an hour into thinking about it I realised that its not feasible financially.

That brought me to think what would be as good and cost much less....London. As fate would have it this was at 4 pm yesterday. I happened to look up the details having no idea til then that it was closing in an hour so I hopped to it!!!!!!! The reason I had no idea that the ballot ended yesterday was because I was away at a half marathon the weekend of London.

Long story over now I am wondering does anyone know what the stats are for getting a place??? I entered the overseas ballot??? Now that I've entered I really want to do it. I loved watching it last year - I was on my way in to my first 10k race. Happy running

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Good luck with the ballot - I was third time lucky, I don't know what the odds are but I think there are lots of people for far fewer places! 

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Someone said it was about 1 in 50 chance of getting a ballot entry. Your best chance is with a charity place. 


I'm hoping its not quite so bad for the overseas ballot 3 ladies from my running group got in this year. I have a bit of a wait to find out!!


Good luck... It's pretty tough. I tried for 2 years running and no luck and I didn't this year. However if you don't get in there are always charity places....

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