London Marathon fatality

So sad to hear about the guy collapsing on Sunday. By all accounts a fit army captain, what with the intense physical army training, then why does this happen?

I wonder if it's down to sodium electrolyte dilution, drinking excess water without electrolyte additives to replace missing sodium sweated out?   So sad! Deepest sympathy to David's family & friends..

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  • I know Dave, it is so sad isn't it ?

     I wonder maybe if it was an undiagnosed  heart condition ? 

    There is a Half Marathon held in a nearby town to me , that has had fatalities 2 years running. The first last year was a 24 year old  man, very fit and a regular runner and keep fit enthusiast , he collapsed just past the 12 mile mark and this year it was a 31 year old man , regular runner , very fit and he collapsed at more or last the same place .

    Very very sad and it must be a devastating shock to their families . I suppose the only comfort they can take is that they passed doing something that they loved , not much comfort I know xxx

  • Yes pops, always seems near the end of marathons, what makes me think it's down to electrolyte loss, but, what do I know? I'm no medic, think I'd worry about it if I was going up and over 10km, which is a little way off for me yet..

    If I remember rightly, didn't it happen to a guy at the GNR last year? Think he was in his early 50s and had done a fair bit of distance running..

  • I am going to take my HM very very carefully , practically tortoise-esque !

    Im not sure about the GNR , but I did a 10k  race last year on a stupidly hot day , and I saw 3 go down towards the end. Very distressing to see, luckily they were okay . There wasn't enough water , just a tiny little cup at the 5k mark and that was it .

    It does make your blood run cold though when you see the ambulance passing you with the sirens going and lights flashing .

    Very , very sad indeed .... xxx

  • The guy who collapsed at the GNR was David Colley 58 from Hull, fell a mile from the finish.. 

    I've just had my yearly bloodtests done, all ok, just low on vitD, so got a script from doc, I wondered why I was feeling a tad yuk! A lack of sunshine!,hoping it improves soon, Sue was found to be the same but not quite as low as me, must be catching!😀 we havent felt like doing much, recently, just managing to do the daily choirs & get out for a run, a good excuse to book a holiday abroad though and catch some rays!😊

  • Oh that is so sad xxx

    Yes I agree about the Vit D ! There was a very interesting post a while back from Turbo Tortoise when she broke her pelvis . It came out in the subsequent tests etc that she was low on Vit D so she had started taking a supplement too .

    We have had sunshine here , plus sleet, hailstones, biting wind, rain and thunder ! A lovely holiday in a warm place sounds just the ticket !

    Are you and Sue singers Dave ? :-) xxx

  • Why do you say that pops?☺ I can sing? Not the other half though..

  • Ha ha Dave , you wrote " just managing the daily choirs ! " :-)  I thought at first it meant that everyday you have a right good old sing song together ! :-) xxx

  • I know... it was devastating to see and hear about that... he looked so fit and well too.

  • Terribly sad for a fit young man to go so early.  

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