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Up till now I have been drinking diluted gels and sports drink tablets.  They worked well for me, but last week on my 20 mile run, i found the gels upset my tummy after about 15 miles.  Going to try shot blox on my 22 mile run, but would be interested to hear what works for those who have tried different forms of nutrition.  Still have some time before Edinburgh to experiment!

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  • I'm not much help I'm afraid. I took nuts on my last run, which I attempted to get out of my pocket while running downhill. Most of em bounced out of my pocket and under my feet. The ones I did manage to eat were like eating cardboard as I had no drink. Doh!  Today I took some dark-looking chewy sweets. Turned out they were licquorice and they made all  my mouth, teeth and mouth black!!!!!!!  Ha ha, what an idiot!  

    I do like to take one (or even just half) of my home made energy bars which I keep in my jacket round my middle and hope they don't melt or go gooey.  

    Have you tried a fig roll?  Rather gorgeous but recommended in the final stages only in case you need to loo. We have to think about these things.  

  • Thanks MissW, 

    Licquorice sounds nice, but stand the risk of being given emergency first aid if people see a black tongue.  Might try an energy bar, but find it difficult to chew and run (typical bloke - can only do one thing at a time!).

    Fig roll might be worth a try!

  • I can't help you I'm afraid OG, but I can offer to lob a fig roll from the spectator line in Edinburgh for you? 

  • Thanks Noaky, that sounds like a wonderful offer!

  • I like dried apricots. They are a good size (I like raisins too, but they're way too fiddly to take on a run), and they're not sticky, not too difficult to chew, and they're stuffed with sugar! Downside I suppose is that they are also high in fibre, and I haven't gone further than a half-marathon so I don't know what would happen on a longer run... :)

  • Fig rolls and apricots, sound like I'll be regular :-) 

  • Ha ha , oh I remember going for a run after eating too many dried apricots !

    Never again ! I was faster than Usaiin Bolt running home and nearly took the front door off its hinges to get in to use the loo ! Ha ha :-)

    Those Ali suggested look good though ! :-) xxx

  • Oops 😯

    Definitely only to be eaten mid-run or later 😉

  • My friend who is doing London Marathon tomorrow tried these the other week and was really impressed! they have just got them in as a new product in our local running shop and she tried them on a 22 mile training run...........! :)

  • Mmmmmm look sound good. I haven't had guava in years ☺

  • Thanks Aliboo, from Columbia and wrapped in dried leaves?  Wonder if they'll get through the post :-)  Well worth a try!

  • she rated them as she finds the gels upset her tummy. Apparently they are a new product for 2016! i think she is taking them with her tomorrow!

    ** lets hope they are distributed straight from the UK!! :)

  • Ha ha , Customs will be all over it ha ha :-) xxx

  • The bars I make are not chewy. There's no oats and they're not baked. They're raw, just set in the fridge and then cut into bars. 

    See website Seasaltwithfood for the recipe. It's the espresso choc nut bars (cocoa)

    The sweetness comes from gorgeous medjool dates (or the cheaper deglet noor ones), various other nuts and dried fruits.  One absolute must though is the dried sour cherries, which are absolutely lush

  • Sounds delicious MissW!

  • Well done on your 20 miles...just wow! You're running a marathon so that gets a wowee!

    I use the sis gels (every 4 miles)and hydro tabs,  on runs over 10k but have never run 20 miles but have had a 'heavy / upset tummy and have yet to work out if it's the time running (up to 2.5 hrs) ot the gels? I'm Still  experimenting  fuelling and it's interesting to hear what others find helpful. Best of luck for your 22 miles 👍

  • Thanks Jaxsy, will let you know how the shot blox go tomorrow, also have some High 5 energy bars, but will try those another day.  

    Like the sound of MissW's home made bars and the Columbian specials too!

  • Great , now then...bedtime for you if you're planning  a 22 miler👍👏💪🏃🏼ZZZzzz 

  • I have mixed experiences of gels. In the past I have found they gave me digestive issues during the run. However I have found a citrus one with caffeine in from wiggle that I used on the marathon. However I. Limited that to 2.5 in total. Any more and I would have been in trouble!!! I don't like chewing bars so I find sweets are best for me, boring and unhealthy but that's just how I am!!!!

  • A blogger I read takes plain cooked pasta with her, which I thought at first was weird. But the more I think about it the more it seems like a pretty good idea! 

  • In the interests of research OG I have this morning bought from the Lidl Greek range some small individually wrapped sesame snacks.  I managed to open one whilst wearing woolly gloves, on the move, I got 2 bites out of it.  I am not keen on sesame but I liked it. Sweetened with honey but not too sweet at all.  

    Next up was a small hard, crunchy wholewheat biscuit.   Honey and thyme. Blummin lush!  Small, and firm as above so would travel in pocket.  From the Greek range as above.  You get a bagful of these.  I shall road test these tomorrow

  • Sounds like you are enjoying the research MissW :-)

  • Oh, I forgot to say, I picked up a pair of smashing socks   the peach white ones

  • Tried cherry Shot Blox this morning and felt OK!  Got through 11 cubes so 2 packs should do for marathon.  Needed plenty of liquids

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