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Anyone else watched the TV show, 'How to stay young' ? It's v interesting and this is a link to see what estimated physical age you are... If you are prone to worry about these things don't do it!! It made me realise my sinful past still has an impact on my longevity ... I came out as 39 and I am 45. However this is with loads of changes I have made to compensate for the crap stuff!!!

Im posting on all forums so apologies if you see this 3 times!!!

Any thoughts or observations? 

Happy panthering


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  • That was interesting.  Came out younger than I thought I would, but there is still room for improvement!

  • Took 12 years off me but I could have underestimated the alcohol consumption!

  • 1 unit equals 1 litre. Right?  😁😀

  • what a load of rubbish!

    I am 42 and it thinks I am 40, a few weeks ago I went for a proper medical check up heart checks, a c20 max check etc which they went fully into my diet and history, because 1. I wanted to make sure i wasn't going to have a heart attack next week and 2. work asked me too. 

    Now that medical check said I was 34 (I was happy) and he was pretty sure i wont have a heart attack next week as well (bonus).  I don't believe it asks the right questions the body is amazing at repairing itself after years of abuse such as mine had, smoking will always be a minus even if you have given up for 40 years, but the sooner you give up the sooner the lungs can start repairing itself.   Yes I drink maybe a gin and tonic every two weeks and a glass of wine even less that then that, so yes i do drink but i would hardly call it life changing and not to the options they give.  Sometimes i do eat process food but again its rare.   As for the fasting choice I have read articles for pros & cons regarding this again its a matter of opinion. 

    so take this survey with a pinch of salt, if you want a real answer go see a doctor. 

  • A gin and tonic every two weeks? Ooo-er (slinks away with her tail between her legs)

  • Haha well I am being especially good for my marathon training, I plan on having alot of wine after and maybe a beer if I am good. 

  • I might have a glass of bubbly. Today I have officially had 2 months off the sauce. I had a bad relationship with it and drank too much on a daily basis... So I'm feeling quite pleased with myself 👠

  • 2 months off is excellent,very well done  I have had the on here or there. Do you feel any better for it? 

    Champagne you say? Where do you plan on being after the race! 

  • I feel sooo much better, and I'm up a lot earlier and running more too. I'm not sure where yet... But I will have some!!! It would be great to meet up and drink champagne!!!there are a lot of c25k folk going and we will be meeting up, are you on our FB group?? 

  • Facebook group nope I should look and see what is going down. 

    So as you feel better etc does mean you will stay off it? 

  • That's the plan....and then just have it on occasions etc. I am frightened to slip back to old habits. The group is: beyond c25k and I also have a marathon support group ( that's what it's called!!)

  • maybe i joined the right ones, both closed groups?   there seemed to be two Marathon Support Groups one full of amercians so i went for the other! 

  • I can't find you.... It's called Marathon Runners Support Group.... And the other is beyond c25k...

  • I have tried again! 

  • Just done it ju, and in real life I'm 40, the test says I'm 29, and in my head I'm 23. I wouldn't worry about it though, we can't undo the past. Life experiences makes us who we are. And anyway now we are making the best of things. Don't know about you, but I'm fitter at 40 than I've ever been. I'm now going to try this on my long suffering husband😆

  • I did it and it said I was 101. Obviously the bottle of turps each day, the 100 woodbines, no vegetables, no exercise tip the scales against you.....

  • But such a fit 101!

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