And now I can 'taper'!

And now I can 'taper'!

Well I have done the last long run before the Day, and although it was tough it was actually better than last week. The stretches worked! Quite pleased with the time too. I went along the Grand Union Canal to Paddington and back again, lots to see, and tempting smells from cafes and food factories along the way- not to mention boat owners frying up bacon butties as I passed! So now it's taper time... And planning how to get there on the day, last minute begging emails for fundraising, etc. 

Hope everyone had a great run today if you went out! 

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  • Well done that sounds fabulous and what a great time too!!! You are so well prepared. Is for the big day 😎

  • Wow thats amazing!enjoy your well deserved taper time😊😆

  • Sounds like a great run, i sometimes work in london and think i should go out for runs as there some really nice parts.  But good luck with your fund raising i am sure your smash it.

  • Taper is the dreamy, luxurious time. Resting (ish) while eating and hydrating well. Enjoy it, while it lasts. Mwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaa 

    Hats off to you for actually running the whole distance before the big day. I don't think I would

  • Not quite the whole distance misswobble sadly! Another 10km on the actual day!  Thanks for the support! 

  • Oh yeah, silly me!  I have trouble with the figures

  • Enjoy the taper and good luck on the big day!

  • Hi Eatcakeandrun - I've also been doing a lot of my training for London up and down the Grand Union Canal - we've probably passed each other a few times.

  • Hey - Acton! we probably have! I have only recently been doing that particular stretch, usually I go towards Northolt and Southall, or I have been doing routes along the Thames path too.  But I have to say the path is nice for running along that bit towards Paddington. A couple of months ago I ran along the  Uxbridge road - along Acton High St itself, which was sadly not very pleasant on a Sunday morning after a Saturday night , if you get me.

  • I don't take it personally! :)

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