Budding Panther :-)

Budding Panther :-)

Well I really enjoyed my first real trail run!! As part of a charity walking event at Wimbleball Lake in Somerset I decided I would run the 13k around the lake. I was the only runner and hardly saw anyone during my circuit.

One of the main reasons that I enjoyed the run was the total lack of pressure about pace and speed... when you are up and down narrow paths avoiding trees, roots and big muddy puddles (mini swamps!) then time doesn't seem to matter.. and wow was it peaceful and quiet :-)

Technically, I'm sure that this type of run is something I should throw into the mix now and again as it certainly got my hips and ankles working dealing with terrain and dodging obstacles.

No ribbons, no bling, but a great run rounded off with a coffee and bacon sandwich in the coffee shop.

Happy running and panthering folks :-)

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  • Ha ha ! Yay Go you !

    Another Panther in the making :-) Well done Andy, that looks an absolutely lovely place to run.

    I ended up running in the Car park at Asda today , just to get my distance up to 5k Ha ha :-)

    Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Well done... needs must... other supermarkets are available :-)

  • Ha ha ! There is a Waitrose further down for the more discerning runner , but I was cream crackered, it was flippin' hot here today ! :-) xxx

  • What a beautiful place to run Andy, and this, to me, is definately what running is all about! I am definitely with the panthers on this one - my heart is out on trails❤️. They definately give you a fantastic work out too. Well done🙂. Got my first 10k trail event in May and am excited and scared in equal measures!

  • What a wonderful place to run. So peaceful.

  • Couldn't agree more. Running at its best.

  • thats sounds like a really good run andy! the call of the trails will have you now!! :)

  • My kinda run :)

  • Wonderful photos i love trail running, the beauty the peace and quite and now looking to get a second pair of trail shoes which can get through mud easier but not sure i will need them till next winter.

    The trouble with trail running apart from it tends to be alot of hills, is keep wanting to stop to take photos!

  • Great run there! My kinda run too. They're even better when it's raining! Honestly! Some of my best trail runs have been in cooling rain, even torrential rain. You do tend to have to keep your head down more, to check your foot placement, but all in all it beats running round the town centre in all the traffic

    You'll be hooked on them now!

  • Oh wow that looks amazing. I am so sorry I'm only just replying it's been a busy week!! I ran towards there when I did my 20 miles in DEVON. I went through Bampton and up to some other place and got v close to it. It's really hilly!!! What gorgeous pics and I highly recommend doing trails regularly, it's certainly got my ankles stronger. I just need to work on the rest!!! Happy panthering too 😺

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