Miracle salt ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Miracle salt ๐Ÿ‘Œ

There have been debates here there and everywhere lately about the possible benefits of Epsom salts. A dear friend tried them and they MADE ME get some ( I HATE baths BUT I am not one to close the door on any opportunity for progression!!). Me being me, I got the super family sized tub ( 5 kilos) and planned my dip post 20 miles on Sunday ( to get maximum opportunity for a result).

I put in 3 cup fulls ( as instructed on the tub) and soaked. I loved it as there was no bubbles or smell ( I hate fancy pants bath products) but a bit of buoyancy. I felt no different afterwards.

Normally Im really stiff post big one the next day, and I struggle to get going on a morning. I was ABSOLUTELY FINE. I can honestly say that my muscles all felt lovely. I knew I had run but in a nice way. I did a 5k this morning as a recovery run and that too was gorgeous. I am in shock that something so simple can make such a huge difference!!

Verdict: These salts are fu***** amazing and you should GET SOME.

Pic is during the bath with said salts on the side ( see what I mean about the size?!!)

Happy salty panthering


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  • Yep they defo work Ju! Did the same after my long one on Sunday and I had practically no pain the next day. I use magnesium spray too on my leg muscles before a run and am convinced that is helping too! Magnesium....a super product for sore muscles ๐Ÿ˜€xx

  • Amazing isnt it?!!

  • It's the magnesium in the salts that works. I have used them for a while - unfortunately they do not prevent cartilage tear :(

    They are amazing for the muscles. I think that the pure fact of soaking and relaxing in hot water has a lot to do with it too, but I have used them quite often as a scrub while showering after a run : just take a handful, dampen a bit and massage legs - double action: on muscle and smooth skin!

    Wish I was running....


  • What the... Why does it work?

  • I have no idea... but it does!!!

  • I have no shower so have to bath after a run. I have a packet that I bought a couple of months ago and never used so I will dig it out and give it a go, it sounds brilliant.

  • Do it, and let us know how you found it....

  • OMG thats shocking, just a little nudge on that bucket it will be all over the floor or in your bath i am not sure what one would be worse! I just cant look

    I have never heard of epsom salts but sounds great and a good excuse to have a nice long bath after a nice long run. So where did you get such a big bucket from? i cant imagine this is the sorta of thing you pick up at Waitrose.

  • Waitrose!!!! I shop at Lidl... however this was from the supermarket in the web:


    I hadnt appreciated just how large it would be!!!! Very very effective though...

  • Sold! Just placed an order for my very own bucket now!... I have an easy week this week but hopefully they will turn up by my next long run - 20 miles on March 13th, first time I will have attempted that distance.

  • OOOH good luck, I am sure you will reap benefits ( next day remember)... and post a pic too ;)

  • This sounds too good to be true. I would definitely use this if it wasn't for one thing - we got rid of the bath in our tiniest bathroom in the world so I need the Shower version... plus talking about Magnesium, I was taking Magnesium Citrate pills but seemed to get painful wind. Whether it is a coincidence or not, the Magnesium treatment has temporarily come to a halt. I'm just gonna have to ache. I wonder if I can sit in the shower tray, use my bum to plug the plug 'ole and have my Epsom experience that way?

  • You can get a spray- one of the runners here says its just as good as a soak


    And hopefully it wont give you wind!!!!

  • Made your toes bleed though JJ! Yep! I like a soak in the bath with radox sometimes...would be a time before I could run that I couldn't even get out of the bath!๐Ÿ˜—

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